Keurig K50 vs K55: An Honest Comparison Guide

Coffee makers and brewers are widely used almost in every house. They save a lot of time, especially for people with busy work schedules who want a sip of coffee at random times.

While there are numerous types of coffee makers, it is always a tough choice to select the best one. The Keurig K50 and K55 are two of the much-hyped coffee makers out there in the market. In a faceoff between Keurig K50 vs K55, who would win the fight?

Let us find out.

Keurig K50 vs K55 [A Complete Comparison Guide]

Keurig K50 Vs K55

Both these machines are designed to assist single serves of coffee. They differ in a few aspects and price. The K55 is the newest product; it is evident that it will have upgraded features.

Are these products entirely different or the K55 is just a replica of K50 with some tweaks?

Keurig K50 Review

Keurig K50 ReviewThe Keurig K50 is a compact device with the ability to brew coffee in less than a minute. It is compatible with K-cups which help you to brew a wide variety of coffees.

Not only the coffee, but you can also make other beverages such as hot chocolate coffee and even tea. By adding a few ice cubes, you can make cold coffees as well. It is a versatile and powerful device.

There are more than 70 K-cup varieties out there in the market, and Keurig K50 is compatible with all of them. This means that you can brew more than 500 types of beverages, be it tea, coffee or any cold drink.

The drip tray can hold 46 ounces of water with which you can brew up to six full cups of coffee. There are push buttons for various modes of the brew. Put the ingredients in the machine, press the button, and watch it deliver a fantastic blend.


Keurig K50 is lighter and compact than K55. It weighs 7.6 pounds and is very easy to carry and install. It measures nearly 14 inches in height, and you can fit it in tight spaces with ease.

The device has excellent design and will aesthetically appeal to many users. It has a removable water reservoir with 46 ounces of water capacity. The drip tray is removable so that you can place taller glasses or cups.

There are indicator lights beneath every button for easy convenience. The buttons are a little tight to press when compared to K55.

The Keurig K50 is available in two color options; black and red.


The Keurig K50 is a fully automatic coffee maker. There are no custom settings on this device that you can alter. It is compatible with K-Cups, and you can brew more than 500 types of blends.

You cannot change the temperature or pressure on this machine. Herein, you are at the mercy of the pushbuttons which have pre-determined settings for disposing of the various kinds of brews.

Once you fill in the ingredients, push the button of your desired type of drink, and the machine brews it in a minute. Some varieties such as Latte is disposed of in 1 to 1.5 minutes.

The only option which you can customize is the auto-shut-off feature. You can set it to 30 seconds or more according to your convenience.

The water filter is a simple mesh type one, and you need to install it before you start using it. You can change these filters over time when there is any structural damage.


As stated earlier, the Keurig K50 is a faster coffee maker. It brews any drink in a minute. The taste of the coffee is not as strong as its younger sibling the K55.

It is designed to switch off within the pre-programmed time of inactivity. There are no timer settings for any brew. All you need to do is fill the reservoir with water, insert the K-cup and push the button. Although the buttons are a little hard to press, it is easy once you get acquainted with them.

The best part is it is compatible with a wide variety of K-cups, official or non-official. But note that it is not compatible with the latest Carafe cups.

Installation Process

There are no specific prerequisites for installing this machine. The only thing you need to install on to this machine is the water filter in the water reservoir. Unlike the Keurig K55 which has a charcoal water filter, this one does not need any particular activation process.

The water filter has two components; upper large filter holder, and lower small water filter mesh. Its cartridge is not present in the K50 whereas it is present in K55 which has activated charcoal.

Clean the filter mesh thoroughly and attach both the components. Now place the filter in the empty reservoir and press it firmly against its position.

You are done with the installation process. Since the filter is a standard mesh type one, it requires replacing at least once in two months. Make sure the water reservoir is full before using the product.

Things We Liked

  • K-Cup compatible
  • Ability to brew in less than a minute
  • Can brew coffee, tea, and cold beverages
  • Easy to clean

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No timer settings
  • No descaling option

Keurig K55 Review

Keurig K55 ReviewThe Keurig K55 is an advanced product and has slightly enhanced and better features than the K50. Physically, they are almost identical in appearance. It is somewhat taller measuring around 15-inches.

The model is compatible with all the K-cup pods of variable sizes. More so, you can use pods that are not manufactured by Keurig. However, it is not compatible with K-Carafe and K-Mug.

Its water reservoir is also slightly larger measuring 48 oz. When the reservoir is filled, you can brew as many as 6+ cups of coffee or any other drink for which it is compatible.

The device is easy to clean and maintain. One of the significant differences between the K50 and K55 is the descaling option in the latter one. This feature is convenient as it helps to clean the clogged inlets and outlets. It is beneficial for people who live in hard water-infested areas.

This machine will prepare the brew in less than one minute, and it can brew in various portion sizes; 6oz, 8oz, and 10oz.


Since the K55 is the upgraded version of K50, it is slightly heavier (12 pounds) and taller. If you look at both K50 and K55 side by side, you will not notice any significant difference in design.

It has simple push-button controls for brewing different kinds of drinks. These pushbuttons are improved and are much easier to use than the K50 variant. Sadly, you cannot adjust or change the temperature and pressure.

The water reservoir is bigger than K50 and is removable. There is a water filter in the water reservoir which has a charcoal filter (discussed further). Although it is a bit bigger than K50, it is still excellent for home use and can be easily fitted in tight spaces.


All the features in Keurig K55 are similar to K50. The significant differences include the presence of an activated charcoal water filter, the presence of a descaler, and improved push buttons.

You can brew as many as 500+ varieties of drinks as it is compatible with 70 types of K-cups of variable sizes. It will dispose of any brew in just under one minute.

There is a significant improvement in the control buttons when compared to K50. They are smoother and are very easy to use. All the buttons are back-illuminated for easy usage.

The charcoal filter of the Keurig K55 is a great add-on. It removes the impurities from the water so that you can have a healthy drink. This feature is beneficial for those who can’t use filtered water.

Another advantage of K55 over K50 is the descaling option. It removes the deposits of calcium and magnesium from the filter and prolongs life and functionality.

The auto-off feature will turn off the machine after a specified time of inactivity. It can be programmed to be as low as 30 seconds to as long as 2 hours.


The Keurig K55 is an excellent coffee machine for beginners. Since it does not have any complex features, you can make your favorite brew with just one push of the button.

It also produces drinks very quickly without compromising quality and taste. When we talk about taste, the K55 brews stronger drinks than K50, this result can be attributed to the presence of the charcoal filter.

Once the reservoir is filled, you can brew more than 6 cups. You can use K-cups which are not manufactured by Keurig which makes it a versatile coffee machine.

Installation Process

Similar to K50, the Keurig K55 does not require any complicated installation procedures. The filter must be cleaned, washed, and installed appropriately. The filter has three components; the upper filter holder, lower filter holder, and the filter cartridge which contains charcoal.

The lower filter holder acts as an additional filter as it has a mesh type of design. Separate all the three filter components and place the filter cartridge in a bowl of water for at least five minutes.

This process will activate the charcoal present in it. After five minutes, clean the cartridge under running water. Clean the lower water filter holder and replace the cartridge in the holder.

Place the filter in the reservoir and press it appropriately to lock and hold it in the position. You must clean the filter regularly, and it must be replaced once in three months.

Things We Liked

  • Ergonomic and attractive design
  • Larger water reservoir
  • Auto shut down feature
  • Descaling option
  • K-cup compatibility

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No settings to change temperature or pressure
  • No timer settings

Final Verdict

In the battle between Keurig K50 vs K55, the apparent winner is K55. Even though there are no noticeable physical differences, the K55 outperforms its elder brother in terms of functionality and maintenance.

The Keurig K55 is large, sophisticated, and has a handy descaling option making it the best of the two. Apart from these features, both the machines are similar in features, design, and performance.

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