Best GYM Towel For Sweat Reviews

If you are training correctly, then it’s natural that you will produce lots of sweat. The more intense your workout session is, the more sweat your body will produce to cool down your internal organs. Sweating a lot during training is not bad, but it is disgusting as it also provides a lot of odor. Which can make people uncomfortable around you. So for the GYM, you must have to carry the best gym towel for sweat to avoid this kind of situation.

Thus, many people bring a gym towel along with them to wipe themselves when they get too sweaty. When your body is sweating too much, it can get extremely difficult to train as sweat will pour out of your eyelids, which will make it increasingly difficult for you to see things clearly. That is why a gym towel is an essential element to executing a training session properly.

Best gym towels are also specially designed to wipe all sweat from your body. Where traditional beach towels or other kinds of towels are unable to do it quickly. Gym towels are softer than their counterparts and are made with special micro-fiber materials, which will absorb your sweat and then dry themselves quickly. So, that it can be ready to be used again a few minutes later.

Top 10 Best GYM Towels For Sweat

Here, we will discuss some of the best gym towels for sweat on the market right now. These towels are very comfortable to use and also eye-catchy because of their designs and fabric.

1. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel

Wise Owl towel can be easily hanged due to its snap loop system. It is perfect for fitness activities such as hiking, gym, camping, or swimming.

This towel is also lightweight, so it can easily be carried to go anywhere.

The Wise Owl is also very soft and made with absorbent materials that can soak up liquids quickly. Unlike other towels, it can also dry itself in a fast manner, which is ideal for people who sweat continuously. The softness of this towel means that it can be comfortable to use even for long periods.

Comes in two sizes, and the extra-large one only weighs around 7 ounces when packed.

This brand name is synonymous with making good-quality gym towels, and it packs a lot of useful features at a very affordable price tag.

Key Features:

  • Snap looks for easy hanging
  • Lightweight and easily foldable
  • Made with super-soft materials and it has fast drying technology
  • Soaks sweat quickly and effectively


  • Has an awful chemical smell attached to it
  • The Snap hook is permanently attached to the towel

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2. Youphoria Sport Absorbent Drying Travel

Youphoria towel is made with special microfiber materials. And this towel can absorb sweat quickly and dries itself in a fast manner to be used again in a few minutes.

This towel can hold water that is five times its weight. Also, these microfiber materials do not produce any odors when you use them.

These towels have a quick-snap hang loop, which makes it easier to hang them on a rack. Which makes it also convenient to travel. It can be packed for any situation, whether you want to go for a walk or join a gym session.

The blend of microfiber materials used in this towel gives a very soft feel. So, for comfortable and long periods this is an ideal gym towel.

Key Features:

  • Three convenient sizes for any scenarios
  • Microfiber inside the towel is super absorbent and can dry quickly
  • It can be easily packed and carried due to its lightweight nature
  • The towel is soft to the touch and feels comfortable even after prolonged use


  • It takes very long to dry completely

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3. ECOdept Microfiber Travel Towel

ECOdept makes a list of the best gym towels due to their sheer utility and comfortability of use. This towel is specially designed with ultra-absorbent materials that can absorb sweat quickly and whisk away water from your body. It has an effective, fast-drying design that will deliver high performance whenever you need it to.

This towel is made with a lightweight fabric that feels soft to the touch. This towel is ideal for gym or outdoor activities where comfort is the most significant factor for a user. Which is proven to be essential for your outdoor hikes or gym activities.

With its high-performing features and extreme durability, it takes the 3rd position in our list. There are no reasons as to why you shouldn’t try out this travel towel.

Key Features:

  • It can whisk all the water from your body
  • The towel has a very luxurious feel due to its softness
  • Great for gym or outdoor activities


  • The snap on the towel can break easily

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4. Desired Body Fitness Gym Towels

Looking for a premium towel, which is specially made for workout and sports activities? Then, this is the towel that you are looking for. Because it is specifically designed to dry off sweat in a comfortable fashion while covering gym machines and other equipment.

This gym towel also features a stylish design that has no itchy sticker labels on it so that you can use it with the utmost comfort.

It is very lightweight and portable; which is only 5.3 ounces. Desired Fitness GYM towel is made with super absorbent materials that can soak up your sweat very quickly. This means that even under hot and steamy conditions at the gym, your towel would be free from any odors!

This gym towel also comes with a money-back guarantee. It means, if you are not satisfied with this towel then you can return the product and get your money back without any questions asked from us.

Key Features:

  • It can dry sweat comfortably
  • Absorbs water more than three times its weight
  • It is lightweight and free from any bad odors


  • The towel is not durable and can get worn out fast

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5. Utopia Towels Cotton Washcloths

Utopia towels cotton washcloths come in fifth place on this list for the best gym towel for sweat. Because it excels at drying up the body and soaking all the sweat.

It is a 100% imported towel that is made with cotton and designed to feel very soft to the touch. Thus it will feel comfortable to use even after prolonged periods of usage. It is highly advisable not to use any bleach or fabric softeners to wash. This kind of wash can seriously damage this towel.

The Utopia towel is machine washable, and you can tumble dry this product at a low setting. This towel is made from natural materials which are of very high quality. That means it is free from any harmful chemicals or things such as synthetic materials. This means that when you use this cotton towel, both you and your family will be safe from any harm.

This product is woven with cotton, which is 100% ring spun for better durability and longevity of the product.

Key Features:

  • Made with cotton thus it feels comfortable to use
  • Made from natural materials that are free from any harmful odor
  • The fabric is 100% woven with ringspun cotton for more durability


  • Does not last for a long time as a lot of lint will come out after a few washes

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6. Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel

Chill Pal PVA cooling towel comes under new packaging but with the same quality that has been synonymous with the Chill Pal brand name. This one is a heck of a cooling towel, and its versatile features mean that it is fit for a wide range of use cases.

There are plenty of knock-off brands in the market that have subpar towels, but there is only one Chill Pal! Their cooling towels measure 12 inches by 32 inches, and these towels are also thicker than other PVA towels which are on the market currently. If you want a durable product that provides you with long-lasting relief from the heat, then the Chill Pal towel is the perfect product for you. If you are someone that performs regular outdoor activities or is just a gym freak or needs a reliable gym towel that can keep you fresh while you exercise, this PVA cooling towel is a perfect partner for your workout session.

There is no complicated instruction manual accompanying this product, drip this towel in cold water and wrap it around your neck, and when it starts to get warmer, repeat the process and rinse the towel before you apply it to your neck again.

This towel uses high-grade materials and an extra thick PVA layer that comes with evaporative technology, so it takes longer to evaporate, which means more cooling for your body.

Key Features:

  • The towel can cool for long periods of time
  • Feels comfortable due to the use of super soft materials
  • Made with PVA that has evaporative technology, thus it stays cool


  • The towel can get very rough when it dries

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7. Fit Spirit Absorbent Microfiber Skidless

This Sports towel is made with unique microfiber materials that can soak liquids quickly and comes with fast-drying technology, which helps to get the towel dry in a short span of time.

The towel measures 15 inches by 24 inches and can fold easily to about half its size, which means that it can fit across tight spaces, and is an ideal product to accompany you on your next camping trip.

The Fit Spirit towels are designed in such a way that they always deliver outstanding performance even in rough conditions. The product is engineered with durability in mind, so it will comfortably last a long time with you.

The fabric is professionally woven, and the fibers inside the towel manage to produce a soft and comfortable feel to the touch.

This towel has sports active microfiber technology, which helps the towel to staying dry even under wet conditions.

The Fit Spirit is also incredibly lightweight and compact, sporting functionality that users of this product will come to appreciate.

Key Features:

  • It has amplified drying abilities
  • Microfiber material feels soft to the touch
  • The fabric is made with high-quality materials and is professionally woven
  • The towel is lightweight and compact


  • The towels are not super absorbent

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8. SUNLAND Microfiber Travel Compact Absorbent

If you are looking for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts as it is a compact and super lightweight towel then, Sunland towel would be a perfect choice for you. It is also one of the best gym towels because of its fit for a wide range of activities, and it can be used multiple times in the day because it can dry fast.

The towel also produces no odor; thus, it is an ideal option for people who want to take a towel to the gym.

The Sunland towel is also very gentle to the skin, and it is made with materials that are soft to the touch. Thus it does not have any non-sticky feeling that other towels in a similar price range have.

The towel is also shipped with a carry bag. If you want a towel that cuts down the drying time and soaks sweat off your body in a quick fashion, then you should try this towel out.

Key Features:

  • The lightweight nature of the towel makes it easy to travel with
  • Can soak up water and dry quickly
  • It is designed for multiple usages within a day
  • Comes with a carry bag


  • Does not fold easily into the pouch
  • It gets rough after a few washes

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9. Microfiber Backpacking Swimming Fitness Exercise By OlimpiaFit

OlimpiaFit towel is a high-quality microfiber towel that is an ideal option for people who wants to go camping or on hiking trips because it is a very lightweight and compact towel.

This towel can absorb almost four times its weight in water and can dry far more quickly when compared to other cotton towels due to its unique design and the use of superabsorbent materials in its production. The plush microfiber will feel soft when you rub your face, and it is designed to provide the ultimate comfort to its users even if you use the towel for long periods.

Another plus point about the OlimpiaFit gym towel is that it lasts longer due to it being a durable towel.

Key Features:

  • It is antibacterial and super absorbent
  • High-quality microfiber towel
  • It can absorb four times its weight in water
  • It is very compact and ultra-comfortable to use


  • The towel is way too thin which may put off some user

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10. Alfamo Headband Breathable Waterproof Packaging

The Alfamo towel is a multipurpose towel that has a broad range of use cases. Rounding out the top ten list of the best gym towels for sweat, the Alfamo can work like a charm. The towel is silky soft and dries quickly. It can instantly provide you with a cooling sensation due to its high water absorption abilities.

This gym towel can stay cool for up to 3 hours at a time, and it can be folded and tucked neatly across a small space, which makes it an ideal companion for people who hit the gym a lot.

The Alfamo is made with a special fabric that feels pleasant to the touch, and it also provides UPF 50 sunscreen protection. It comes with a carrying pouch and if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it immediately to the manufacturer for a full refund.

Key Features:

  • It is a multipurpose cooling sports towel
  • It can chill instantly
  • Comes with a bonus carrying pouch
  • The fabric is pleasant to touch


  • The towel fails to keep cool for more than an hour
  • Some of the towels can drip water and make you wet

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Things to consider before buying a gym towel for sweat

Things to considerFirst of all, if you are going to buy a gym towel, it should be able to keep you dry and cool inside the hot conditions of the gym.

  • Soak-ability: If you have a towel that fails to dry quickly, let alone soak all your sweat, what good will it do to you? It will only hamper your workout session. So, you need something that quickly takes away all your sweat and keeps you dry so that you are ready to go for the next round of exercises.
  • Comfort-ability: Next, you have to consider whether your gym towel is comfortable or not. If a towel feels rough on your face, the chances are that you won’t be able to use it for long due to the sheer discomfort that it will cause you.
  • Durability: Comfort-ability also goes hand in hand with durability, as in a gym towel that fails to withstand the rough treatment that you will subject it to at the gym regularly, will fail to make it a worthwhile purchase.
  • Price: Another thing is the price factor, and what value it adds versus the price you pay to reap that functionality. Fortunately, most of the best gym towels for sweat reviewed on this list comes at an affordable price tag and have a replacement guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Importance of having gym towels

importanceAfter reading through this long piece, you may wonder if a gym towel is at all necessary for you. You should know that regular towels are just not good enough to soak up a sweat quickly and stay dry at the same time, which is something you may need at the gym. The sole purpose of you going to the gym is to reduce body fat and get leaner muscles, something that your body achieves by burning fat and sweating to cool off your internal organs. The more intense your workout session is, the more sweat your body will produce to keep your body cool.

If you don’t have a gym towel that can keep you dry at such times, you will find it increasingly difficult to keep your focus on your workouts as sweat drips from your eyes and make it difficult for you to see properly.

Thus, it is necessary for you to have a gym towel to have an effective workout experience, and considering the amount of money you need to spend on a gym towel, I would say it is completely worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the towel drip and make your clothes wet?

No, most of these towels have the ability to hold three to four times its weight in water. So, if you don’t soak too much liquid with your towel, it won’t drip onto your clothes.

How to wash a gym towel?

Most of these gym towels are machine washable only, and it is highly advisable not to use any fabric softener or bleach to clean this product as it may damage the quality of your gym towel.

What is the difference between a regular towel and a microfiber towel?

A regular towel is only designed to dry your body after a bath, whereas microfiber towels are designed in such a way that they soak up liquids quickly while remaining dry at the same time. They do this by having special materials that can dry in a fast manner.

How to dry a gym towel?

Some towels can be air-dried while others can be dried in the tumbler at a low setting.

Is it best to wash these towels before use?

Yes, once the gym towel is shipped to your doorstep, you should first wash the towel along with the carrying pouch before you use it.

Is the gym towel comfortable to use?

Yes, these gym towels are made with soft materials and have plush microfiber which makes them feel soft to the touch, which means you can use them to wipe your face.


In this in-depth review of the best gym towels for sweat, I tried to answer all the burning questions regarding gym towels.

The FAQs have also listed some common questions that the users of this product may have before purchasing. The importance of using a gym towel cannot be understated for people who visit the gym frequently or perform outdoor activities regularly.

Gym towels are more durable and fit for strenuous use when compared to regular towels, and they are packed with a massive range of features that make them fit for a wide range of activities.
Hopefully, this review has managed to clear all the doubts regarding gym towels.

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