Total GYM 1400 vs 1900: Which One is Best?

If you are here to determine both machine’s incline levels and weight capacity, here’s your answer right away.

Total Gym 1400 vs 1900: Due to stronger materials, the total gym company is able to increase the incline level to 12 from 8 in the total gym 1900. This incline level is 8 in the total gym 1400. The Total Gym 1900 permits 340 lbs at max while the total gym 1400 model only qualifies to make room for 250lbs.

If you are trying to figure out the differences between the Total GYM 1400 vs 1900, then you have come to the correct destination. This article will have an in-depth review of both the Total Gym 1400 and the Total Gym 1900, talking about the pros and cons regarding each of these products and this article will also highlight some of the key factors which differentiate one from the other.

As you may know, there is a slight price difference between these two products, so it is natural to assume that the more expensive product will provide more value for your money. The general idea behind the two Total Gym equipment was to offer consumers a compact gym experience such that you can use the product easily and straightforwardly.

Total Gym 1400 and 1900 offers you multiple features which number in excess of sixty exercises for each product. Thus, by following the instructions, you can provide a thorough workout routine for all the major muscles in the body at the comfort of your own home.

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Total GYM 1400 Review

The measurement of the Total Gym 1400 is identical to the Total Gym 1900 as they share a similar structure and come in at 92.5 inches by 16 inches of width, and the total height of the Total Gym 1400 is 43.25 inches. The design of the Total Gym 1400 is ergonomic, and it can fold easily, which means that you can easily store this in your home across small spaces.

The weight of the Total Gym 1400 equipment is just 75 pounds, and when the product is shipped its weight becomes 80 pounds. Users can complete a full round of exercises with this equipment is only under 20 minutes.
Total GYM 1400The product features some innovative design, which lets users perform a wide variety of exercises, and the build quality of this equipment is top-notch.

Another great thing about the Total Gym 1400 is that it is made with high-quality materials which let it achieve durability. Thus this gym equipment can last for a long time if handled with care.

The Total Gym 1400 is always shipped in its assembled form, so its users don’t have to face the hassle of assembling this gym equipment by following complicated instructions from the manufacturer. The product is also shipped with a nutrition guide and a workout DVD which will inform the users about all the exercises that can be performed with this equipment, thereby assisting you to reach your ultimate fitness goals.

The manufacturer of this gym equipment took great care in designing the product, and its space-saving features mean that you don’t have to worry about fitting this product in your home. If you can follow the 50-minute exercise videos that are included with Total Gym 1400 regularly, you will be able to lose weight quickly and get leaner muscles in no time.

It also features eight resistance levels, which will assist you to not only focus on your upper muscles but also on your lower body muscles. Thus you can achieve optimum fitness by doing regular exercise.

If you can take good care of the Total Gym 1400, it can last for a long time and help you to achieve all your fitness goals.

Things We Liked

  • It allows up to 60 exercises, which helps the user to tone and strengthen different muscles of the body.
  • It features eight resistance levels, helping you to adjust the intensity of your workouts.
  • The product is shipped with multiple accessories such as leg pulleys and squat bars, which help to boost your workout experience.
  • Total Gym 1400 can be folded and neatly tucked due to its space-saving design.
  • Durable construction and great build quality mean that Total Gym 1400 will last for a long time.
  • Affordably priced and offering great value for your money.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The product comes with limited color options, which may put off some buyers from purchasing Total GYM 1400.
  • It has a weight limit of only 275 pounds, which may not be a sufficient amount for many of its potential users.

Both Total gym 1400 and 1900 are old products and not always available. You might check their successful successors instead.



Total Gym 1900 Review

The Total Gym 1900 has the same dimensions as Total Gym 1400, measuring at 92.5 inches by 16 inches in width. Its total weight is just under 70 pounds, which means that it is very easy to move around.

It has an ergonomic and foldable design; thus, it can easily be stored in your home. The build quality of this product is superb, and it is made with high-quality materials, which means that it is a durable piece of gym equipment.
Total Gym 1900Another great thing about the Total Gym 1900 is that it is also shipped in its completely assembled form, which means that you don’t have to put it together when it is delivered to your home.

The seating of this equipment is adequately cushioned, thus giving the user a comfortable workout experience. This total gym can be used for long workout sessions due to its comfort factor.

The Total GYM 1900 comes with an in-built system that allows the user to have 12 different height adjustment settings, thus allowing you to modify your workout routines. It means that you can choose the intensity of your workouts when you are using this equipment.

Total GYM 1900 also comes with two workout DVDs that will assist you in correctly performing all the different exercises. The DVDs will also help you to keep your exercise varied and on the right track.

The Total Gym 1900 also includes accessories such as the pull-up bars and abdominal crunch, which will allow you to perform other types of exercises.

Things We Liked

  • All the exercises with Total GYM 1900 can be performed in just under 20 minutes.
  • The equipment has a maximum weight limit of 350 pounds, thus allowing many different types of users to purchase this product.
  • Very sturdy and durable equipment.
  • It comes with cushioning, which will help the user to feel comfortable during the workouts.
  • Ergonomic and foldable design lets you fit this equipment across tight spaces.
  • It has 12 different height adjustments, which allows the user to perform a wide variety of exercises across different intensity levels.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Many users have complained that it does not come with a floor protection mat.
  • Advanced users might want to add more weights to their equipment, where the Total GYM 1900 cannot provide.

Both Total gym 1400 and 1900 are old products and not always available. You might check their successful successors instead.

Comparison between Total GYM 1400 vs 1900

Total GYM 1400 vs 1900

  • When you start the comparison between Total GYM 1400 vs 1900, the first striking thing that you will notice is the difference in the design of both of these gym equipment. Total Gym 1400 only comes in black, white, and grey color options, whereas the Total GYM 1900 comes in red and black color options.
  • Although the measurement of both these products is identical to each other, their weight is different as Total GYM 1900 weighs 5 pounds lesser than Total GYM 1400.
  • Total GYM 1900 can bear more weight as its maximum weight limit is 350 pounds, which is far more than the 275 pound limit of Total GYM 1400. It means that heavier users cannot use Total GYM 1400 equipment.
  • Total GYM 1900 is also more expensive than Total GYM 1400.
  • Whereas the Total GYM 1400 features eight adjustable levels, the Total GYM 1900 has 12 adjustable levels, which means that users can experience a wider range of exercises as well as intensity levels with the Total Gym 1900.
  • Total GYM 1900 includes more accessories in its packaging when compared to Total GYM 1400. It includes things such as the Pilates bar and the non-skid floor mats, where the Total GYM 1400 does not ship with.

Which One Should You Buy?

questionThis is a no-brainer, but if you are willing to spend some extra bucks, then you should go for the Total Gym 1900. It offers far more versatility and features when compared to the Total GYM 1400.

If you compare Total GYM 1400 vs 1900, Total GYM 1900 offers far more features than Total GYM 1400, which means that it offers more value for your money.

If you happen to weigh more than 275 pounds, you can’t use Total GYM 1400 as it does not support your weight, but you can easily use Total GYM 1900.

Although both these machines are extremely durable, Total GYM 1900 has more bonus accessories and better design features.

Final Verdict

Both the Total Gym 1400 and 1900 are complete workout machines, which can tone and strengthen your muscles.

They are designed to provide comfort and ease of use, and they can be stored easily in your home due to their foldable design.

Although Total GYM 1900 is more expensive than Total GYM 1400, it brings a lot more things to the table. Both the products are shipped in their assembled form, so if money is not an issue, then you should definitely go for the Total Gym 1900 due to its superior features.

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