Hamilton Beach 49980a Review: Worth Your Money or Not?

“A bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it” this old saying is well admitted by most people.  All coffee lovers will admit that their morning turns better with a cup of good coffee. Coffee makes our dull, gloomy, and sleepy morning bright and electrifying.  Even a person who is not a true coffee lover cannot deny the appeal of a cup of coffee.

Morning coffee is a great deal of pleasure. A strong or good cup of coffee can electrify your cloudy, cold, and dull morning. It can wipe and blow away all your yawns and sleepiness. To electrify your dull morning you need a strong and well-made cup of coffee.

Why You Should Use a Good Coffee Maker?

Why You Should Use a Good Coffee Maker

To energize you and to make you feel good you need to make a good coffee. “But even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all”, this is another old saying that seems so appropriate when you are feeling drowsy after waking up from sleep on a cold and gloomy morning.

To make you a strong and good coffee, you need a quality coffee maker. A quality coffee maker can help you to make good coffee. A quality coffee maker will enhance your relaxation by saving your precious time by making good coffee.

Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 49980A ReviewHamilton Beach 49980A coffee maker is an amazing coffee maker. This coffee maker will let you have a nice and strong coffee. It is a drip coffee maker. As it is a drip coffee maker it will ease your labor by pouring hot water over your ground coffee. Then it will drain the water through a filter and into a carafe. You just only have to provide the raw materials and press the buttons.

Hamilton Beach 49980A coffee maker is a two-way brewing drip coffee maker. As it is a two-way coffee maker, it is capable of preparing an entire carafe or just a single serving.

Common Features at a Glance

Unique Two-Way Brewing:

Unique Two-Way Brewing

It lets you enjoy either only one cup (single serving) or a 12 cup carafe/full pot coffee.

Automation Programs:

Automation Programs

It features full automation. You just got up from sleep, you’d rather have a warm cup of coffee than go up and make one. Even you have an automatic coffee maker, but you do not want to operate it after just being got up from sleep – this coffee maker can help you in that regard. This coffee maker has a feature named something like “auto-shutoff and functionality” or something like that.

This feature lets you pre-program the coffee maker to automatically brew coffee at a certain time and then turn it off automatically all by itself.

Convenient Option of Single-Serving:

Hamilton Beach 49980a Convenient Option of Single-Serving

It offers you the single-serving option whenever you just want a single cup of coffee. It will brew one cup for one person using ground coffee.

Smart Features and Options:

This coffee maker offers some smart options. It will let you choose the type of brew strength with the brew strength selector (you can choose from bold or regular). Another cool smart feature is named “keep-hot warming plate”. This feature is not complicated, it does exactly what it is named.

Convenient Filter:

Convenient Filter

This coffee maker comes with a convenient mesh filter/scoop to brew for a single serving.

Can Brew One Side at a Time:

Hamilton Beach 49980a Can brew one side at a timeIt offers a unique single-serve capable water reservoir. It will give you access to an easier while you try to fill the cup. You may call it one time filling.

It also comes with what you might call a Carafe-side water reservoir. It is extra-large and with measurement markings. This altogether provides a standard size single serving.

Hamilton Beach 49980A Review [Elaborated]

Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Maker seems a great coffee maker if you look at the above-mentioned features. Let us guide you to why we are considering it a great coffee maker to have.

Unique Sleek Design:

Hamilton Beach 49980a has a Unique Sleek Design

If you are looking for a sleek and smart looking coffee maker then I guess this coffee maker is for you. Manufacturers have designed it with a perfect combination of brushed stainless steel and black plastic which makes it utilitarian for your home décor.

It is not eye candy for sure, but it has an undeniable eye-catching design. The design itself matches well with the interior and décor of your beloved home.

Easy Automated Operation:

Easy Automated Operation

We all know how hard and time-consuming it is to make a good coffee in the early mornings. Especially when you are still feeling sleepy, drowsy, and running late for the job.  To save your time and ease your labor in a sleepy morning this coffee maker offers fully automated operation.  It features a bright digital display and four useful buttons.

The large display reads time and other brewing information. There are other buttons, that can be pressed to choose the brewing options. You can make your preferred coffee by pressing buttons and choosing between regular or bold. There is a nob to control the serving option. By switching the nob you can choose between a single serving and a carafe.

The Utility of Your Money:

Utility of Your Money
This handy coffee maker will utilize your money for sure. You will get this useful and handy coffee maker for just under 60. Is the price seems to be a lot to you in plain sight? If it does, then think about the outcome and output you will get at this price! You will get a fully automated, user-friendly coffee maker at this price with lots of amazing features.

Drawback of Hamilton Beach 49980a

disLikeThere are some drawback in this model like:

  • You can not adjust extra flavor because nuanced controls are unavailable
  • K-Cups is incompatible
  • Also hot plate temperature cannot adjust with this model

But don’t worry if you need our help you can visit: Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Troubleshooting

Last But Not The Least 

Hamilton Beach 49980A is a great coffee maker that will make you a great coffee to boost up your energy in the morning. It will also enhance joy in your leisure time. You can have a good, stylish, and effective coffee maker at a reasonable price.

The only negative thing about this coffee maker is that it provides no travel mug. But despite this minor thing, this coffee maker can turn out to be a great possession. Hope by reading Hamilton Beach 49980A review you got every single detail about this coffee maker.

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