Verizon Fios Wifi Not Working? Find Out The Solution

Verizon provides 100 percent fiber-optic internet connection in metro and suburban areas. You don’t need a phone line to have Wifi if you avail Verizon in your area. In the full name of Verizon Fios, they provide one of the fastest internet connections in their package and plans.

That isn’t the mainline we are gonna talk about today, and the Main theme goes after Verizon Fios Wifi routers. If you have bought a plan from Verizon Fios and within a few days, your router started having issues.

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Verizon Fios Wifi Not Working

Verizon Fios Wifi Not Working

Let’s dig deeper into the issue and find some functional troubleshooting and fixes.

And we are forming the work details at the beginning paragraph. After then, the explanation will be dropped.

Check the Broadband and Ethernet Cable

Verizon Fios Wifi-Ethernet Cable

You can find the main cable attached behind the router. This is the Broadband cable. You can call it the ethernet too. It supplies the internet connection and performs as the internet source to your router.

Check the cable properly if there is any extreme bent, stretchmark on it, or any sign of damage on it. If you find any damage, try to recover or change the cable.

But, if everything is fine, just pull the cable out carefully and then push it in again. You will hear a click when the clip gets locked.

When you have a bad connection and the Verizon Fios authority claims that their service is going fine, there may be a problem where your router is connected. And most of the time, the problem is detected at the ethernet port. Maybe the cable is not connected properly, or any pressure loosens it. Even damaging the cable may turn into this kinda issue for you.

Just check, visualize and test that and lock the cable again properly.

Relocate The Router

Verizon Fios Wifi-Relocate the router

Get near the router if you are too far away. Verizon Fios router has a default range of 325 ft. Try to stay inside that. Keep an optimum distance from your router so that the signal strength doesn’t fall down. You have an idea about the router’s range and stay within the limit.

Keep in mind that every wall counts. With so many walls between you and the router, it is possible to have a weaker signal. Right now, your device will show you “Connected but No Internet” or similar indications. This is actually for very low signal strength.

So, if you get closer to the router, hopefully, you will get better signal strength and a strong internet connection.

Also, you can prevent this problem while installing the router. Set it up in your rooms. So that all the devices around will be distributed properly with the internet.

Restart the Router

Verizon Fios Wifi-Restart the Router

If plugging unplugging didn’t work, go for a quick restart. For this, just unplug your router and let it cool down. After a few minutes, turn it back on again.

Now, why is it needed? Basically, an electronic device can malfunction after a long run of use. The modular optimization can be a bit conflicted.

While you restart it, your router gets a fresh start while booting. The modules are loaded again, and temporary caches are cleaned so that the memory is debugged. So, it is pretty possible that a restart can solve your software-based connectivity issues.

Reset your Fios

Verizon Fios Wifi-Reset your FiosIf rebooting didn’t solve the issue, straight go for resetting. To reset the functional whole, you need to put a safety pin or sim ejector tool inside the factory. This will reset all your router settings to its factory mode. Thus it would take a few minutes to be patient till the router restarts and runs like the first time again.

The router’s system cache and memory bugs often turn to a point where the problem doesn’t get debugged by restarting or rebooting. This is when you need to factory reset your router.

A factory reset clears all the permanent and temporary settings from your router and gives a clean start, which may solve the problem instantly.

Firmware Update

Verizon Fios Wifi-Firmware Update

Always keep your router up to date. This may save you from so many unwanted trouble and bugs. Once you reset the device, it will automatically get the recent firmware from the server.

Another way of updating is by opening You have to log in with the router-id and password. Once you’ve logged in, this will automatically update the firmware itself.

As we know, developers try to improve apps every day. And they distribute those improvements to the users through some updates. So, practically updating your software improves your experience with bug-free user interfaces.

Just the same for the routers, your software is never perfect. The developers are working on it and sending firmware updates. Each time you update your router firmware, you have a bug-free and more optimized edition.

And in case you haven’t updated your firmware for too long. Simply, your software may become laggy, and the interface could be choppy compared to the updated ones. You will be in lack features. Even optimization in hardware acceleration is a groundbreaking feature. If you don’t get the recent update, your hardware won’t even run to its full potential.

Hope you are now clear about firmware updating.

Battery Beeping

Verizon Fios Wifi-Battery Beeping

This is an essential feature to let you know when the battery is down, and you need to replace it. But at some points, this can be annoying and cause disturbance too.

When your device starts battery beeping, change the battery as soon as possible, and it will be fine.

But still, if it is not possible to change the battery right now, the beeping is annoying.

Hold down the Silence Battery button for three seconds. It will snooze the beeping for the next 24 hours.

You may find some LED blinking indications that notify you about different errors out of these functional errors.

Blinking Errors

Verizon Fios blinks its LEDs as a notification indication,

Yellow Blinking

Verizon Fios Wifi Blinking Yellow light

It means your Verizon Fios Router has no internet connection. But if the solid yellow light is on the extender, then it is in pairing mode. The blinking speed of the light indicates the distance so that you can get a good idea about signal strength.

Blue Blinking

Verizon Fios Wifi Blinking Blue light

Blue blinking on your Verizon Fios router means the internet signal strength is too weak. This makes a failed internet connection.

In the end, if your Verizon Fios is not fixed yet, please call their service center and let them handle the problem. They will fix the issue and take the necessary steps to solve your troubles.

We won’t go into a detailed conclusion. Still, one thing is certain, you have a good understanding of Verizon FIOS functionalities right now, which will assist you in avoiding any unwelcome consequences. Even if a problem arises, you will be able to resolve it.

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