STA-RITE Max-E-Therm 400 Troubleshooting: A Complete Guide

STA-RITE Max-E-Therm 400 is a high-performance heater. It is usable for spas and pools. It offers you smart connectivity through the IntelliCenter Control system. That lets you manage the heating functions from far away. Also, this heater allows you smart heating bypass valve control that can divert the water flow. This feature can save your power up to 35% yearly.

Apart from this, our main focus here is to find out the problems of STA-RITE Max-E-Therm 400 and generate fixes for you. So, let’s get started:

We shall be discussing the term in three steps:

  1. Some Basic Issues and Fixes
  2. Error Code Chart for easy detection
  3. And the solution to every error

Talking about basic issues and fixes, one of the most common trouble words we find among users is

STA-RITE Max-E-Therm 400 Troubleshooting

STA-RITE Max-E-Therm 400 Troubleshooting

While the heater is not working at 90 percent, there is nothing wrong with the heater. Few reasons can term to the machine not working as,

  • Someone got the pump basket clogged up
  • Filter pressure got way too high
  • The filters need to be back washed
  • Something stuck and preventing the water from passing easily

STA-RITE Max-E-Therm 400 Is Shutting Down Automatically

This thing will shut itself down if it senses no temperature change in the water. In other cases, if it doesn’t find enough pressure and there are no changes in the water ambiance, its program will command itself to shut down.

Now 90 percent of these problems are not a problem. There is nothing wrong with the heater. The issue is within the system. Maybe in

  • The pump basket
  • Clogged impeller
  • Plugged up filter
  • Clogged skimmer basket

For Troubleshooting, you have two commands: Service System and Service Heater.

Before starting, make sure that you have a good flow. The pump baskets are not clogged up with any obstacles. The operating pressure of the filter is correct. As well as, the skimmer basket is running fine. Check these three properly and make sure they are running fine.

Whenever you are using hydrotherapy fittings on it, you may be slowing down the water flow to the chamber. The heater is gonna sense the slower water flow, and the change in heat is unrecognizable. This is gonna shut itself down, at an instance.

Whatever, if you find those things are running okay, then follow stepwise:

  1. Go downstairs to the basement.
  2. Shut the breaker off, which controls your heater.
  3. Now, please wait for 10 seconds and then turn it back on again.

This has reset your control board so that your heater should fire as long as it is needed. Like there are no interruptions or pressure discontinuances or instabilities.

STA-RITE Max-E-Therm 400 is Not Working Properly

To troubleshoot the heater, you have to make sure the other functionalities are running okay or not. Whether everything is okay, start the procedure accordingly:

  1. You will find 4 spots on the upper body of the heater. Take a regular screwdriver and open those four screws.
  2. Pull the cover off one by one, and you will find a switchboard underneath.
  3. You will find pins in three places on the top of the heater. Pull them off. This will free the upper cover to the half of the heater. Pull that off too.
  4. If you pull that upside down, you can see a series of lights on the ceiling.
  5. Shut the power off of the heater. Wait for 10 seconds, and then turn it back on again. Turn the pop back on and turn the power back on.

It should fire the heater. You will see a heater light coming up on the switchboard if it doesn’t.

  1. Do not turn the power off; check under the top chamber. One of those lights will be lit.
  2. There will be shown some error codes under every light. Check which one is lit, and you have to decide according to it.

We will be noting down the error codes for your easy understanding below.

STA-RITE Max-E-Therm 400 Error Codes

Let’s just talk about a few things. Why do you need to know the error codes?

The answer is simple; whenever your heater is not working properly, you have to check where the problems are. And to find out the direction or location of the problem, you need to know error codes and their details. Each error code indicates a different trouble scenario.


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Some Quick solutions to each Error Codes:

Error code E01: Error in Thermistor

  • Cut off all the connections and disconnect the pool.
  • Empty the exchanger by draining the water.
  • Unscrew 4 bolts and remove the front access panel.
  • Remove the control box cover.
  • Disconnect the thermistor connector.
  • Remove the thermistor.
  • Get a new Thermistor and install that at the reverse procedure.

Error Code E02: Internal Temperature Overheating

  • Unplug the power and wait for the cooling down.
  • Pull out the High Limit Switch located between the pipe plug and thermistor.
  • Install a new limit switch in its place.

Error Code E03: Open Thermal Fuse

  • Shut down the system and remove the back panel.
  • Locate the thermal fuse and remove it.
  • Install a new one and put everything back in its place.

Error Code E04: Blower Fan Failure

  • Unscrew the blower motor by opening the control panel.
  • Disconnect the wiring.
  • Take a new blower motor and fix it in the place.
  • Reconnect the wiring and assemble it in place.
  • Then unscrew the airflow switch and remove it. Also, disconnect the wirings.
  • Take a new airflow switch and set it up in the proper position.
  • Put everything in its place and assemble it back together.

Error Code E05: Ignition Failure

  • Shut down the power supply and clean the ignitor properly.
  • Check the ignitor condition. If it is not good, unscrew it out and disconnect.
  • If the sensor is damaged, then install a new one.
  • Clean it properly and check if the control board shows the correct indication light.

Error Code E06: Sensing Absence of Electricity

  • Shut the unit down and unscrew the control board kit.
  • Find the stack flue sensor, and with nose piler, pull it out.
  • Set up a new sensor in its place.

Error Code R3: Servicing Is Required

  • Reboot the heater.
  • Replace the thermistor.
  • Clean the filter and check whether it is okay or not.
  • If the filter is damaged, replace it with a new one.

Error Code R8: Control Board Failure

  • Disconnect the control board by unscrewing it.
  • Find the control board and disconnect all the wirings.
  • If any wire is damaged, try fixing and replacing them.
  • Take a new control board and set it up in the proper place.

Error Code AFS: Air Flow Switch Issue

  • Open the terminal box.
  • Detach the rubber tube and clean the dirt.
  • If it is damaged, try getting a new one.
  • Make sure the tube is securely connected.

Error Code AD0: Flue Sensor Failure

  • Shut down and disconnect all the wirings from the sensor.
  • Take a 0.5” Wrench and remove the sensor by rotating anti-clockwise.
  • Set the new sensor up and re-establish the connection.
  • Seal a new connection after threading the sensor through the exhaust.

Error Code 126: Extreme High Temperature

This is not the usual issue you can find. If you see your heater catching extreme heat, shut it down instantly. Do not try to start the engine before it cools down.

But, in most cases, this problem doesn’t solve by itself. So, you should call a professional who understands this and can take the necessary steps for your engine—recommended to call an authentic service center expert for the operation.

That’s all for this issue. You basically now know the STA-RITE Max-E-Therm 400 Troubleshooting of its error codes with their solutions. Hopefully, you will not get stuck in any of these troubles.

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