Andersen Storm Door 3000 Vs 4000: Find Out The Best

Doors are a very crucial part of our houses. It is not only made for security but also to protect us from adverse climatic situations. Various kinds of doors are available in the market, which means the door market is quite competitive. However, getting an aesthetic aura from our doors will be a plus point along with the mentioned properties. This is where Andersen comes in.

If you are thinking of buying a storm door and looking into it, you should already come across Andersen. Storm doors protect your entryway from severe weather and ultraviolet radiation. Andersen is renowned for its storm doors and offers a variety of options. But the two most common models can confuse you while purchasing Andersen Storm Door 3000 or 4000.

This article is going to guide you to choose between the two!

Andersen Storm Door 3000 Vs 4000

Andersen Storm Door 3000 Vs 4000

Comparison Table Between Andersen Storm Door 3000 and 4000

Characteristics Andersen Storm Door 3000 Andersen Storm Door 4000
Features Has basic features like metal corner brackets, push-button closures, two-layer weatherstripping, and detachable insect screens Along with the basic features like 3000, it has some additional features that can be rapidly changed into full-view doors.
Additional security Does not provide extra security like 4000 4000 has a three-point lock system which provides extra security
Types of Glasses The Andersen storm door 3000 series utilizes three types of glass: clear, Low-E, and ornamental glasses. Clear glass, low-E glass, dual-pane insulated glass, and low-E dual pane insulated glass with a touch of argon are among the options available on Andersen 4000 series storm doors. Safety and security are provided with laminated glasses.
Closers Provide the advanced version of the 3000 model Provides basic version
Price Price for the 3000 model ranges from $250 to $300. So less expensive compared to the 4000 series. The price for the 4000 model ranges from $350 to $400. So more expensive compared to the 3000 series.

There are a variety of storm doors available, especially ones that may be customized. Andersen is a well-known company with a range of storm doors to pick from.

The 3000 and 4000 series storm doors are quite similar in some aspects, but they have several differences. While buying an Andersen door, you may prefer all kinds of features offered by Andersen or look for affordability along with this brand name. Whatever it is, we have got you covered! We have listed some similarities and differences that can help you pick your desired door.

Similarities between Andersen Storm Door 3000 and 4000

  • Both the 3000 and 4000 editions include an insect-resistant glass and wood construction that allows for ventilation.
  • It’s worth noting that both of these models have Low-E energy-efficient glass, which is wonderful news for anybody concerned about the environmental damage.
  • Both of the models provide two-layer weatherstripping to avoid bad weather conditions.
  • Both the 3000 and 4000 series of Andersen products come with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • The door frames are composed of aluminum and have a 1 1/2″ thickness.
  • There are two-door closers on each of them.
  • It takes 45 minutes to set up both storm doors.
  • Both have several similar aspects, including double-layered weatherstripping, extra insect screens, and metal frames.

Differences between Andersen Storm Door 3000 and 4000

Although the construction of the 4000 series is quite similar to the less costly 3000 series, the 4000 models’ innovative system for replacing screen and glass panels makes the price difference worthwhile. The tabs are disengaged, and the glass or screen panel may be easily removed by just tilting it toward the user.

Andersen Storm Door 3000 Review

Andersen Storm Door 3000 ReviewAside from the door’s aesthetic characteristics, the developers spent a lot of time and money too. To ensure you and your family’s safety from the outdoor environment, they study a lot to create the layout and find out the best components.

They are glad to provide you with a Lifetime Limited Warranty that covers the paint, door frame, and hinges as a result of this. Even though each door is personalized, it will arrive pre-assembled for you. All you need are a few simple tools to construct the door by yourself. And this process only takes around 45 minutes.


The front of the 3000 is mostly made of glass. The large glass panel that occupies the door entrance is separated only by a frame in the center. Users may choose from a variety of frame and screw colors and personalize their glass design to be attractive. A ventilating insect-resistant glass and wood design are included in this model.


Removable insect screens, push-button locks, double-layered weatherstripping, and metal corner brackets are standard characteristics of the Andersen storm door 3000 series.

The glass panels on the 3000 series doors are not readily replaceable or removed. You’ll need to put in a lot of effort if you wish to change the glass screen with an insect screen.


Intruders, severe weather, rain or storm, and warm air are all protected by your ordinary door. On top of the main entrance, a storm door simply provides a lot of usefulness. Storm doors are available with removable glass panels or fiberglass panes. This, together with the wooden, metallic, or plastic frame, provides additional weather protection. When terrible weather is forecast, all you have to do is adjust the panels and lock the entrance.


If you want enough ventilation, the best alternative is to keep the door open while compromising security. You may simply slide the glass panels on a storm door to allow the screens to open, allowing air to enter through. You may also use nets to keep insects out of your home by installing them on the screens.

The Andersen 3000 series employs an insect screen and a door as a ventilation device, allowing for airflow for circulation.


Storm doors of the 3000 series range in price from $250 to $350, which is a good price for a door. Moreover, its price is a few bucks less than that of the 4000 series Andersen storm doors.


  • Installation is a breeze.
  • Quite a few versions are self-storing, meaning the insect screen slips within the storm door frame.
  • The customization appears to be limitless and has a variety of options.
  • Extremely long-lasting.
  • TruScene displays are detachable and give excellent clarity.
  • The frame, paint, and handle are all covered by a lifetime warranty.


  • A 5-year warranty only applies to certain of the door’s minor components.
  • The Home Depot is the only place to get it.

Andersen Storm Door 4000 Review

Andersen Storm Door 4000 ReviewYou may improve your house’s exterior and aesthetic attractiveness, provide security, and enhance the amount of natural light in your home by installing a new entrance storm door.

A storm door may significantly increase the value of your property. Your house will benefit from the insulation, security, and adaptability provided by the Andersen storm door 4000. Not only that, but this storm door also allows homeowners to highlight their doorway and improve the entire appearance of their property.


The 4000 has a more classic appearance. Only the upper quarter of the storm door frame is made of transparent glass. Insect screens are also included to keep them out. The narrower view is due to the smaller glass section, which also applies to those on the outside.

Mechanical locking tabs are located inside the door frame on the 4000 series. This means you can remove the entire glass panel with a single touch of a security switch and replace it with the same technique when it’s time.


All of the features of the Andersen 3000 series storm doors are present in the 4000 series. They also include unique features like a rapidly changeable system in full-view doors that allows you to switch between the glass door and the insect screen with a single press.


Like the 3000 series, it protects the house from severe weather conditions and security and safety. The wooden or metallic frame gives additional protection.


For ventilation, Andersen 4000 model full view doors incorporate an insect screen. Additionally, these glass storm doors have an everlasting lamination for protection and well-being.


The 4000 series is a bit pricier compared to the 3000 series. With a few additional unique characteristics, Andersen 4000 series storm doors cost roughly $300 to $400.


  • This line of storm doors has a rapidly changing feature, which means that simply flipping the handle, the glass transforms into an insect screen in seconds.
  • It offers various choice options in colors and hardware.
  • Buyers can also select from a variety of glass alternatives, including clear and Low-E.
  • The weatherstripping on the doors is two-layered for a secure fit.


  • Pricier compared to 3000 series
  • Some of the components have only 5 year’s warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Andersen doors?

Using Andersen’s names, Renewal by Andersen, MQ, and Heritage, the Andersen Corporation produces and sells door and window items along with its affiliates.

Do Andersen storm doors have tempered glass?

All storm door series employ tempered glass, with the exception of the 4000 model full view doors, which have laminated safety glass.

Are Andersen storm doors hard to install?

The installation process is not hard. It takes only 45 minutes to install.

How thick are Andersen storm doors?

Light Panel Ventilating Storm Doors have 3/4 thickness.


After weighing all of the advantages and disadvantages of the Andersen Storm Door 3000 Vs 4000 series. We can conclude that they are both highly capable of doing what they do, and you will not be disappointed.

Nevertheless, we believe the Andersen Storm Door 4000 is the better choice based on pricing and functionality. Its added features boost usefulness, justifying the higher price.

We hope that this article has provided you with enough information to appreciate the advantages of having a storm door and to select the best solution for your residence.

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