Skyjack 3219 Troubleshooting: Everything You Need to Know

For over a decade, skyjack has been performing as the industry’s leading electric scissors. They are reliable globally for indoor works where precision is the priority. What we are talking about here is Skyjack 3219, also known as SJIII 3219. This is a well-known model for a good term of service.

But similar to other machinery around, this necessary equipment can also be in trouble. And today, we will line up those troubles and their fixes here.

Skyjack 3219 Troubleshooting

Skyjack 3219 TroubleshootingWe won’t divide them into segments; just align problems and their solutions in random order. Also, the problems we will be discussing are based on top FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) over the internet, forums, and communities. So, let’s roll to the main part:

[Too impatient? We have noted the fixes briefly in the bracket with every point]

No Power in the Machine (Turn on all the switches)

In this circumstance, you got two E – Stops,

  1. On the Platform
  2. On the Base

The fact is, you need to activate both. Also, the engine won’t start and even won’t respond to any command.

Whether you turned one switch on, the machine hasn’t yet started. The reason maybe is in the other switches.

  • Make Sure the key switch is in the right position.
  • The battery safety switch is also turned on.

Talking about functionalities, the first switch you turn on gives a starting command to the engine, that is okay, but as far as the base key is not in the right position, your engine would not make a start.

Even if you have turned them both on, your power supply is still off. The battery safety works like when you are not using it, the power connection to the whole machine will be disconnected. This saves it from unwanted power failure, short circuit, or internal damage.

So, when you have started the base switch, fix the other one in the right position. And finally, the battery safety key is enabled, and the machine will start.

After following the steps above, you will notice a red light on your joystick. This makes sure that the access to power is enabled and the Skyjack is ready to go.

Skyjack 3219 is Not Lifting (Lock the Safety Valve)

Skyjack 3219 is Not LiftingSo many times, the users complain that their scissor is not lifting. Now, the first to be noticed is the safety valve. Once you have commanded your machine to lift, you may hear something as the machine is trying to lift, but something is preventing it.

The issue is actually in the safety valve. It is meant to stay locked. But somehow, you can see that it is opened up. And that is blocking the lift to release.

Once you just lock the valve back again, everything is like before instantly.

But there may be a bit of complexity as well. If the valve is stuck for a long time, you didn’t notice. Continuous hitting with the valve may damage the valve, even the mechanical parts of the lifter because the lifter is forcing its power to take it up. Meanwhile, the valve is preventing with its own force. This conflict may create permanent damage to the engine. Even the springs, screws, or bolts can be distorted too.

So, be cautious about it, and if it is happening, tight it up before too late.

Not Driving (Turn the Switch off from the back)

Your skyjack 3219 has a switch on the bottom at the backside. This switch actually works as a safety lock to the drive wheel and main power sources. If the switch is open, this will terminate driving commands.

In a word, the switch from the bottom backward needs to be closed. Once that is closed you will find it running well again.

Also, one quick precaution is not to force your skyjack to drive while the switch is open. This may harm the small bolts around the rotating area.

Out of Connection (Clean and Reconnect)

You can see a connector in your skyjack 3219. It connects two sets of wires across the machine. This can be compared to the neuron of the engine because all the small to big signal passes through this connection.

So, once this connection is interrupted, the whole engine will be out of connection instantly.

How the connection can be disrupted:

  • In extreme rain. If rainwater gates into the connection chamber. This will be disconnected, and the whole system will fall.
  • Working so long under extreme dusty weather may clog dust into the connection chamber. Day by day, it increases and isolates the connection from inside. As a result, the connection gets interrupted.
  • Though the machine is built for extreme conditions, it is still in areas where too much plastic dust or silicon wase around is harmful to it. Those plastic dust go into the connection chamber and get clogged up. This disables the whole connection.

Now it’s time to know how to fix it.

Detach the connection chamber. You may find some dirt, water, or other waste there. Take a brush, and clean that up. If dirt is too clogged up, you can use some 99% alcohol solution to clean up more easily and effectively.

But sometimes, the problem is not that tough. There is just some water into the connection, and the system is down—no need to worry about it. Just spill the water out and dry it for a few minutes, and it’s done.

Resetting the Skyjack Scissor Lift (Follow Manual and native Guide)

You will find an OFF Switch. Pressing that, hold the  button. Then turn that to switch to the ON position again. Finally, release the ↵ button and press – – ß ß.

His will reset the engine.

You would ask why you need to reset the machine. The answer is simple, refresh and make it bug-free as well.

There are certain situations when program malfunction occurs, and the machine does not respond too properly. Or the command you place gets delayed. In this situation, you cannot reprogram it. That’s gonna be costly, either. So, the easiest way to take it back to normal is to reset the program.

Also, after working for a longer period, after changing a part, or after any configuration changes, the machine needs to re-understand its compatibilities and programs. So, a reset may help you on all of these.

Battery Charger Blinking Few Times (Lack of sufficient voltage)

This is a common issue in some localities where electricity voltage down is frequent. Charger blinking is here Charging Error notifier.

Standardly your skyjack 3219 needs 24 Volts for charging. If the power source is incapable of delivering this voltage, the charger will stop working and show you a blinking charging error notification.

So, the charger blinking clearly indicates a lack of enough voltage (When the voltage is under 24V).

You can fix it easily by changing the power source and delivering enough voltage for your scissor. Once the voltage is okay, there will be no problem at all.

More or less, that’s all for your skyjack 3219 troubleshooting. Keep those in mind, and take necessary steps in time of a troublesome situation. Hopefully, you won’t fall into big trouble about it anymore.

But again, after taking the previous steps, if your Skyjack is still not working, ask for authentic service support, and things will be fine.

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  1. We have 2 Sky Jack 3219 lifts and today I went to use one when I turned the key nothing happened. I made sure both E-stops were not engaged I grabbed the controller from our other lift and plugged it into the one I needed to move everything worked. I took apart the other controller and everything meters correct all connections and wires are where they need to go. When I plugged it into our other lift it still will not work. I am at a loss on what the problem is. Please help.


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