John Deere 2025r Problems With Solution Guide

John Deere 2025r is a subcompact tractor that ensures to give an excellent performance every time, with ease and convenience. With its Yanmar engine, it saves a lot of fuel while being used.

But like everything else, this tractor is also not perfect, and you will notice some problems when using it.

And that can leave you puzzled, what can be done now?

There can be a variety of problems that you might face. Some of these issues are the Engine getting overheated, difficulties in starting and stopping the engine, and so on.

If you are stressing about what you can do to troubleshoot your tractor, then don’t worry. We got your back!

In this article, I have listed the common John Deere 2025r problems with their troubleshooting options. So, make sure to stay till the very end!

So, without wasting more time, let’s jump right in.

John Deere 2025r Problems and How You Can Fix Them

John Deere 2025r Problems

If you are looking for a solution to a problem, you need to know what factors are responsible for causing it. In this segment, you’ll get to know about the common problems of John Deere 2025r, what causes them, and how you can fix them yourself!

Now, let’s get started!

Engine Won’t Start or Starts Very Slowly

This happens when the fuel filter is clogged. The problem may also arise from air leakage, and broken or damaged diesel fuel nozzles.

The fuel injection pump can also get damaged, therefore causing the engine to not start.


  • If the fuel filter is clogged, you’ll need to clean the filter if possible. If you can’t, then you’ll need to replace it.
  • Then, check the fuel system if it has air in it. If you find any leakage, you’ll have to get rid of that.
  • If the diesel fuel nozzles are clogged, then try to clean them. If it isn’t possible, then you need to find new replacements for them.
  • Also, check the fuel pump. If you find any damaged spots, then you’ll have to replace them.
  • If you find that the timing of the fuel injection pump is faulty, then just change the timing to the correct setting. And that should solve the problem.

Engine Overheats

If the radiator core is blocked, it may cause the engine to produce excess heat. It can also result from a leaking radiator cap.

In addition, the engine can get overheated due to inadequate engine oil or coolant fluid, or due to worn-out fan belts.


  • Clean the radiator core. If the radiator cap is leaking, then replace it with a new one.
  • If the coolant fluid isn’t enough, refill to the correct level. Also, make sure that there aren’t any leaks in there.

Oil Pressure Is Low

There are 3 reasons why this might happen.

  • Due to insufficient oil
  • Dirty Oil Filter
  • Oil pump failure


  • If it’s due to a lack of oil, you’ll need to add more oil until it’s sufficient.
  • If the oil filter is dirty, then clean it. If it’s still not working, then you’ll need to replace the oil filter.
  • If the oil pump is damaged, then you’ll have to replace it.

There is External Fluid Leaks

It mainly happens when the oil drain line is clogged, or the gaskets are damaged.

Sometimes though, the problem may occur due to high internal transmission pressure.


  • If the oil drain line is obstructed, then clean it. The suction pump works excellently in this regard. If that doesn’t solve the issue, then try replacing the drain line.
  • If the seals or gaskets are damaged, then you’ll have to find their replacements.
  • If the internal transmission pressure is too high, you have to check whether there’s anything wrong with the parts. If you find any defect, you’ll have to change that part.

Engine Suddenly Starts And Falls 

This happens due to a clogged fuel filter or a damaged fuel injection pump. When this happens, air might get clogged into the fuel system, causing disruption in the operation


  • Clean the fuel filter if it’s blocked. If that’s not possible, then try replacing it.
  • Repair the fuel injection pump. If the damage is not repairable, then you’ll have to change it.
  • Lastly, if you find air within the system, then it can suggest air leakage due to a clogged air filter. In that case, you have to change the filter.

Engine Stops Abruptly Stops While Using

When the temperature of the engine is low, it won’t be able to heat up enough to keep functioning. Also, the timing of the fuel injection pump can be adjusted wrongly, causing the engine to stop suddenly while operating.


  • If the engine is cold, then allow it to warm up to the temperature that is required.
  • Check the fuel filter. If it’s clogged, then try cleaning or changing the filter.
  • If the timing of the fuel injection pump isn’t adjusted properly, then adjust it to the accurate setting.

Transmission Oil Overheats

A number of reasons can be responsible for this problem:

  • When the transmission load is too much
  • Transmission fluid is inadequate
  • The transmission fluid filter has been obstructed or blocked
  • Components that are responsible for cooling are damaged


  • If the transmission load is too much, then reduce the load.
  • If the transmission fluid is not adequate, refill it until it is sufficient.
  • If you find any clog or obstruction in the transmission filter, then try cleaning it. If that’s not possible, then replace it.
  • Check the cooling components. If any of the parts is damaged, try repairing or replacing that part.

>Hydrostatic Transmission Making Too Much Noise

It can happen due to:

  • Too much load
  • Lack of transmission oil
  • Contamination of transmission oil
  • Damaged components
  • Worn-out relief valve
  • Damaged or unadjusted speed control linkage


  • Change the linkage is damaged, or adjust it to the requirement.
  • Reduce excessive load
  • Change the contaminated transmission oil
  • If the oil level is low, then bring it to the optimum level.
  • If any of the components are damaged, repair them or change them.
  • If the relief valve is worn out, install a new one.

The system’s Battery is Not Charging

When the battery is damaged or worn out, it won’t be able to hold a charge any longer. This can also happen if the terminal clamps are defective, or the belt is loose or damaged.


  • Firstly, check all the connections whether they are connected properly or not. If you find any loose connection, securely tighten it.
  • If you find that the battery has been damaged, then you have to look for a replacement.
  • If the terminal clamps have defects in them, there’s usually no way of repairing them. In that case, you have to replace the terminal clamps with new ones.
  • If the belt is loose, then try to readjust it to the right place. And if that’s damaged, then you have to change it.

The Starter Has Issues

Sometimes, the starter may turn slow or won’t crank. This also happens for several reasons:

  • Drained or defective battery
  • Loose or disconnected wires
  • Low battery power
  • Defective starter motor
  • Defective battery cables


  • Firstly, check if the battery is defective. If it is, then you’ll have to replace it.
  • If the battery is drained, then you have to recharge it to its full capacity.
  • If you find any loose wires, then connect them securely.
  • If the starter motor has problems, you’ll have to replace it with a new one.
  • If the battery cables are faulty, then repair them if possible. Otherwise, you’ll need to change them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why The Hydraulics Overheating In John Deere 2025r?

Ans: When the hydraulics is getting overheated, it means the hydraulic fluid is of the wrong type. Overheating can also happen due to contamination of hydraulic fluid, or leakage of hydraulic fluid pipes.

To fix this:

  • Use the proper type of fluid
  • If you suspect that the fluid is contaminated, then change the fluid
  • Replace the relief valves.

Between 2025r And 1025r, Which One Is More Stable?

Ans: 2025r is relatively more stable than 1025r. the 2025r has a larger frame and comes with larger tires than the 1025r. This provides much more ground clearance, making the 2025r more stable than 1025r.

Is Buying The John Deere 2025r Tractor Worth it?

Ans: Despite having some flaws, buying the John Deere 2025r is definitely worth it. It has a compact design, fuel-efficient features, and powerful performance, which makes it versatile and easy to use.


As you see, though the problems might seem a little hard to fix at first glance, you can pretty easily fix them yourself.

I hope by now you know exactly what to do to solve your John Deere 2025r Problems. If you are stuck with any of the problems mentioned above, be sure to try out these fixes!

So be alert and aware, and have fun!

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