Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Troubleshooting

If you want to upgrade the overall look of your home with a comfortable and sophisticated recliner, the Lazy Boy Electric Recliners are a perfect choice for you. From simple to stylish, there are a lot of designs that will surely make your living space more elegant.

However, it can also show some problems if you’re using it for a long time. Some problems may also arise due to a lack of proper maintenance.

You can face a variety of problems, like the recliner not moving, feet not touching the ground, and more.

Though these issues may seem very daunting, you can actually troubleshoot them pretty easily!

In this Lazy Boy Electric Recliner troubleshooting guide, I have discussed everything you need to know to detect and solve some common problems. By the end of this guide, you should be able to find the solution to your problem!

So why wait? Let’s jump right in!

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Troubleshooting For Common Problems

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Troubleshooting

If you are using your Lazy Boy Electric Recliner for quite a while, you are likely to face some issues. There may be problems within the system or the parts of the recliner. But most of these issues are easily solvable.

So rest assured! In this segment, you’ll get to know about these problems with their solutions, one by one.

Let’s get started now!

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner No Longer Comfortable

After using it for a while, your recliner may not feel as comfortable as it used to be. You might notice that your body is sinking into the chair.

It usually happens when the paddling has issues. That means, your recliner is no longer able to withstand your body weight, leading the cushions to get compressed.


To solve this problem, you need a new paddling replacement. Make sure that you get this done from authorized lazy boy dealers or trusted stores only.

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Won’t Move

Sometimes, you might have difficulties in moving your recliner. This usually happens due to a loose in-line plug. If the connections are not securely fastened, your recliner won’t be able to move.


You will need to check the base using a flashlight. Make sure you don’t miss any spots,

Next, check all the connections. If you find any loose connections, you will have to reconnect them. Pay close attention to the wire that goes around the base, as this is the one that causes the problem most often.

And to prevent this from happening, you can wrap the connections in some black electrical tape, so that they don’t get loosened again.

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Shows Footrest Issues

This may happen when the recliner can’t go up or down after turning the handle. The joints of the footrest’s mechanism may become stiff, preventing the easy movements of your recliner.

Also, the footrest can have difficulty staying up. This happens if the spring is broken or worn not, or has moved to another place.


If you are facing the first issue, then to reduce the stiffness, your footrest will need some lubrication. Just flip the chair, and spray any lubricant of your choice, preferably WD-40.

And if you are facing the latter problem, then you need to check if the spring is damaged or not. If it is, then you’ll have to replace it. But if the spring has gone out of place, you just need to put it back in place. And that should solve the problem.

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Making Loud Sound Or Noise

When you pull the handle, your recliner can make some noise. This is very normal, so there’s actually nothing to worry about. This noise comes from two metal parts of the recliner rubbing against each other.

If your body weight isn’t evenly distributed on the recliner, then it can make a loud sound. Though in most cases the sound is normal, you can try a few things to reduce the sound.


When you close or open your recliner, gently lift your feet off the footrest. Then, carefully put the footrest in the open or close position.

Also, don’t slam the footrest shut while closing it.

Another thing that can impact the sound is the floor surface. If the floor is smooth, the sound will become prominent. So if there are any rugs under the recliner chair, it will help to muffle the sound.

And to make sure everything is working smoothly, you can spray some lubricant around the footrest.

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Pull Handle Is Broken

If the pull handle of your recliner is broken, there’s actually not much you can do other than replace it. Without the pull handle, you won’t be able to control the movements of your chair. The broken pull handle is of no use, so you need to fix this as soon as you can.


Firstly, you will need to get a replacement of the pull handle from amazon or any other trusted stores. Then, you have to press the footrest of your recliner, where it gets closed.

Flip your recliner over, and remove the screw of the pull handle. You can use any tool that you find appropriate.

Gently remove the handle with its protective cover.

Finally, set the new replacement handle in place and tighten the screw in place.

And that should be it!

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Hand Control Not Working

The hand control of your recliner may stop working due to a cut or loose wire when you’re closing the recliner by hand control. If this happens, you’ll need to establish the connection.


Go underneath the base and locate the wire of the hand control. If it’s loose, then securely tighten it.

And if it’s cut, then you’ll have to twist it back together. Then take some black electrical tape to cover it completely and keep it in place.

And to prevent this problem from happening, you can secure it away from the mechanism by using zip ties.

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Tilts Or Reclines Excessively

If your recliner tilts too much, it means that the recliner’s mechanism isn’t providing the adequate amount of tension that’s required to support your body weight. So when you lean on it, it reclines way too much.


In this case, the solution is pretty straightforward, that is: to increase the tension of the mechanism.

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Feet Don’t Touch The Floor

When your feet don’t touch the floor, it happens because the distance from the ground is too much.


To solve this problem, you’ll have to adjust the pitch of your recliner downwards. This will bring the base close to the ground, and your problem should be solved.

The Power Footrest is Not Closing

When there are any safety issues, a safety mechanism may cause the power footrest to show problems in closing. The mechanism ensures that you don’t close your footrest on anything accidentally.


To fix this, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, you’ll have to lift the footrest in an upright position. Make sure the recliner is empty, meaning nobody is sitting on it.
  • Press down on both sides of the largest. You should hear a click sound if you press firmly.
  • Then, press the button at the lower part of your footrest. And that should reset the safety mechanism.

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Tilts Even Though It’s Not In Recline Position

If the recliner is tilting when it’s not in the recline position, then there’s something wrong with the recliner’s mechanism. The mechanism may be bent or broken.


To solve this problem, you’ll need to inspect the recliner thoroughly. Check each and every part whether anything is bent or broken. If you see anything wrong, then you’ll have to replace it or go to a professional for repair purposes.

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Has Leather Damage

If you’re using the power recliner for a long time, you are bound to see some imperfections or damages in the leather. Though it is a pretty normal issue, torn or damaged leather can ruin the outlook of your recliner, making it look pretty old.


The solution is pretty simple. To fix this, you just to buy a repair kit that contains everything you need to fix the imperfections.

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Wireless Remote Is Not Working

Your remote may stop working if there’s dust accumulation inside the remote. Sometimes though, it can stop functioning even for no reason at all.


  • To fix this, open up your remote and check if there’s any dirt or dust accumulation in there, then take a cotton bud Soak it in isopropyl alcohol, and gently clean the dust.
  • Then assemble the remote again and check if it’s working or not.

If it’s still not working, then you’ll have to replace the remote with a new one. And that should solve the problem.

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Error Codes With Their Meanings

If there’s something wrong with your machine, you might notice an error code on the hand wand of your recliner. To solve the problem, you need to know what these error codes mean.

Below are some error codes with their meaning:

  • E36: The motor of the recliner is disconnected from the Master Control Module (MCM).
  • E37: The lift motor is disconnected from the MCM.
  • E38: The largest motor is disconnected from the MCM.
  • E39: Applicable to 1ML styles only. It means that the seat massage unit is disconnected under the seat.
  • E40: Applicable to 1ML and 1HL styles. The back massage unit is disconnected inside the lower back.
  • E41: Applicable to 1ML and 1HL styles. The seat heating pad is disconnected.
  • E42: Applicable to 1ML and 1HL styles. The back heating pad is disconnected.
  • E68: The batteries are running low. (9-volt alkaline batteries). You will need to replace them.
  • E69: Batteries are not installed.
  • HOT: This error code shows when the system gets overheated. When it happens, the overheating protection feature shuts down the heating system to prevent any potential accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is The USB Port Not Working?

Ans: In the Lazy Boy Electric Recliner, the USB ports are just for charging purposes. If your unit is backed up by battery only, then you won’t need to charge it. That’s why the USB post might be disabled, but most of the time, there’s nothing to worry about.

How Can I Disassemble The Lazy Boy Recliner?

Ans: This is actually pretty simple to do. Unplug the 120-volt power cord from the power source. Then, you’ll have to disconnect the motor connectors from the dual motor junction cables. You will find the motor connectors at the end of your recliner.

Then you just have to reverse the assembly steps that are given in the manual. And that’s it!

How Can I Adjust The Reclining Tension?

Ans: To adjust the reclining tension on your Lazy Boy Electric Recliner, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, tilt your recliner forward so that it rests on its arms and back.
  • Next, find the wing nuts, which are located on both sides under each reclining seat.
  • Then just adjust the reclining tension by turning the wing nuts according to your preference. To increase the tension, you’ll have to tighten the wing nuts in a clockwise direction. And if you need to decrease the reclining tension, then you’ll need to loosen the nuts in a counterclockwise direction.


As you can see, some problems may seem to be hard to fix, but they can be solved pretty easily. You just need to know what’s causing the problem and be aware.

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