Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Troubleshooting: Complete Guide

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew TroubleshootingCoffee lovers cannot stay without coffee and that takes us to Hamilton beach Flexbrew Troubleshooting coffee maker. You wake up from bed and get an amazing cup of coffee. And that’s all for an amazing morning!

But what if you wake up and find that your coffee maker is not working? This would be the worse morning for you! What you can do first is troubleshoot the device. But, how should you troubleshoot the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew?

This is where we can help you out! Here, we will talk about how to troubleshoot your favorite Hamilton beach Flexbrew coffee maker.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Problems

Problems of Hamilton Beach FlexbrewThere are several problems that you will face while using the Flexbrew machine. This coffee maker is great but when it comes to issues, you will face the same issues you face with the other coffee makers. Here, we are going to state some issues on Hamilton Beach Flexbrew that you might have already faced.

  • Might not brew at all but the pump will start running
  • The k-pop will get clogged with the coffee grounds
  • Coffee grounds will get all over the k-cup area of the maker
  • Brewed coffee will differ from the water on the coffee maker

Before Troubleshooting

Reading The ManualBefore you troubleshoot, you have to make sure that your coffee maker is not working. Usually, coffee makers sometimes don’t work and start working suddenly. So again and again, go through the coffee maker and ensure that it is not working.

Also, you have to go through the working order of your coffee maker. Take a look at the machine details. There are times when the coffee maker is not turned on properly or in the proper manner. And in this case, sometimes, the coffee maker doesn’t work. So, before troubleshooting the device, give importance to this and make sure everything is alright.

There is a minimum level of filling the tank of the coffee maker with water. If the water doesn’t reach the level, you might see that the device is not working. Watch the water line that is attached to the machine. Go through the connections on the line of the coffee maker too to ensure that the device is getting an adequate amount of water.

Also, before going for any other option, go through the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Manual so that you select the right method.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Troubleshooting

Err Message on Display

Err Message on DisplayOne of the most important Hamilton Beach Flexbrew problems is the error message on the display of the maker. When you will see that there is an ERR message on the display of the coffee maker.

In this case, you have to go through the water reservoir. You have to check how much water is there in the water reservoir.

First of all, turn the brew selector. After turning it on, dial the carafe. Now, you have to give importance to pushing a button. Look carefully and you will see a button named BREW NOW. All you have to do is turn the button on.

You have to do this for removing the water. So, for this, turn the BREW NOW button first, and then you will need to wait for 3 beeps. After this, there is a blue power button that will turn off. Now, all you got to do is restart the single-serve process.

Weak Coffee

Weak CoffeeThere are times when you will see that you are making coffee in the right process but the coffee is not perfect. This is when you get weak coffee. The reason behind this is there is not enough ground coffee. Sometimes, you might use pods.

Here, you have to take care that the pods are centered in the basket of the pod. There might be a brew basket, so make sure that the pods are centered there. Now you have to use the single-serve side properly!

Steam Flow

Steam FlowYou might face Hamilton Beach Flexbrew’s error regarding the steam flow. You might see that the steam of the coffee maker is flowing up according to the control panel of the machine. For this, you have to be careful while making the coffee.

If you face these sorts of Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Single Serve problems, you have to take a look at the basket handle. When you are brewing the ground coffee, you might face it if the basket handle of the maker is pressed down. Now, you have to let the handle up for soft pods. Also, try not to exceed the maximum water level when brewing ground coffee.

Clear Water

Clear WaterThere are reasons where you will see that the coffee maker is not making coffee at all! Yes, you might see that the coffee maker is making clear water only! Here, you have to ensure that the handle of the maker is locked down.

Bad Coffee

Bad CoffeeIf you are having a coffee maker, you never expect bad coffee. Sometimes, this coffee maker can make bad coffee for you. If this happens, try to clean the coffee maker first. Half of the problem will be solved if you clean the coffee maker.

If this doesn’t work try to, stop brewing the coffee ground in a too coarse or too fine matter. Start brewing the ground coffee in a regular manner. Go for the automatic drip grind so that you get better coffee.

If you are using poor coffee or poor water quality, you must try to change the coffee and the water. Go for a better coffee brand. Also, settle for bottled water. Filtered water can be better than everything.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Leaking

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew LeakingYou can see that coffee overflowing from the travel mug, regular mug or the brew basket. This is very annoying if it happens. If you cross the limit of the water reservoir that is noted, you can find that the coffee is overflowing.

Go for a travel mug that is for brewing for filling the coffee reservoir. Now, don’t go for too much ground. Try to settle for less ground while brewing. Especially, while brewing the decaffeinated or flavored coffee, try this method. On the other hand, if you are dealing with finely ground coffee, settle for taking less ground. For better results, try the medium-ground coffee.

FAQs on Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Troubleshooting


What is my Flexbrew leaking water?

Ans: There are times when you will see your Hamilton beach 2-way Flexbrew leaking water. Here, you have to hold the brew tank and make it upside down over the sink of the kitchen. You have to go through the dispensing valve and press it. Take 30 seconds for flushing it with water!

Why does my K Cup explode?

Ans: There are times you will see that the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew K Cup is exploded while making coffee. You have to check the brew basket first.  All you have to do is position the K-Cup properly.

Why won’t my Hamilton Breach Flexbrew brew single serve?

Ans: When you see the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew single-serve clogged, you must know that so many people have faced this!

Go through the handle and check that it is locked. Look at the water level and make sure that the water level doesn’t cross the maximum and the minimum level. Check the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew water sensor to know the level is right or not.

Why is my Hamilton Beach Flexbrew carafe not brewing?

Ans: If you see that your Flexbrew carafe is not brewing coffee, you have to go through the coffee maker and clean it properly. Use a decalcifier for cleaning. Go through the manual and make sure that there is no clogging issue.

What to do is the blue light of Hamilton Beach Flexbrew blinks?

Ans: For Hamilton Beach Flexbrew blinking light issue, all you have to do is hold down the bold brew button. Press that for about 3 seconds. That’s all!

Wrap Up

The troubleshooting of the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is not too tough. All you need to do is be careful while using and know all the tricks to solve the problems. You can never find a coffee maker that has no issues and that doesn’t require troubleshooting.

And as this coffee maker is great for a perfect cup of coffee, you can go for the easy troubleshooting process and enjoy incredible coffee! Let us know if you are facing any other issues regarding the troubleshooting of the machine!

24 thoughts on “Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Troubleshooting: Complete Guide”

  1. cleaned now the start button stays on for a short while then goes off.
    reads an error ednee light will go off with just quarter cup of a single cup of coffee.
    the other side with a whole pot of coffee works fine.
    is there a solution to this problem.

  2. Help!!! my flexbrew is showing a message “need” which i take to be needle. can you advise what i need to do to fix.

  3. Our Hamilton Beach 2-Way brewercoffee maker doesn’t come on. I think that is because the HOUR button seems to be stuck. How do I release this button?

  4. Carafe side of Model #49976 started to work as normal then just quit. Hot plate not hot & not brewing. Single side working properly. Coffee maker was a gift for Christmas so has only been used for approx. 6 months.

  5. When I approve the coffee the filter over flows on the carafe then the coffee will not brew properly . It remains full even after growing cycle is done.

  6. Hello
    I have a Hamilton beach flex brew.
    One side is large carafe while the other is single serve. My single serve is not working. Dribbling water. Comment says (need le) not sure what this means.

  7. Water leaks out of bottom when using the carafe. Purchased 4/19/2018.yesterday was the first time. When using single cup it did not leak.

  8. My flex brew shows the error message “close lid” when I try to brew a single cup. I have to press the back of the lid really hard to make contact with the button underneath to start brewing.

  9. Need LE message comes up on the screen. it will only make a partical cup of coffee. i then will press the brew button again at it will complete the brew cycle.

  10. I have had my flex few just over a year. No issues for about 6 months then started clogging needle only about once a month now have to unclog needle about every third cup. What is the solution?

    • Hello Susie, the needle is not supposed to get clogged this frequently. Please follow these rules if you haven’t these earlier: –

      – To prevent clogging, always allow your coffee maker to automatically turn itself off at the end of the brewing cycle.

      – Remove the used coffee pack when the coffee maker is cool. Do not leave it in the coffee maker for an extended period of time.

      Hope this solves the issue. If the problem persists, Please call this number: 1 (800) 851-8900. It is Hamilton beach’s US customer service number, see what they say.

  11. 3 damn pots and the freaking button won’t dispense coffee. Love the pit but pissed the hell off when they stop dispensening coffee. Send me 2 free ones or tell me hiwy to fix the bastards

  12. I am having issues with the one cup feature. When I put coffee in the self brew basket, it will explode. I have tried everything, including, not using as much coffee grounds, changing between regular and bold. I have cleaned everything I can see, cleaned the needle, use less water, but it happens every time. What can be done to stop this?

    Peggy Andrusk

  13. This is the second inquiry as to why the single server side, one cup, causes my machine to literally explode. Now I’m not talking about the kcup. I’m referring to when you put your coffee grounds in the cup provided. I have tried less coffee in holder, choosing bold or regular brew, and it still happens. It causes the complete lid to open with force and spews coffee grounds to go flying out. Not to mention I have suffered burns from the hot water. If I cannot get an acceptable response this time around, I’m just going to let my attorney handle it!!! And I will contact my local news station to report this so no one else gets hurt. I will be expecting a response within 24 hours. This is a dangerous situation and I feel that it should be replaced, by you, with a free coffee maker!!!!

    • Hey Peggy, sorry for the late response. What you experienced is really unacceptable and you should get compensation from hamilton beach. The problem is we, theblackurbantimes.com do not have any personal connection with hamilton beach and cannot get you any help from them. We are just other concerned consumers like yourself trying to help you out. Please call this number: 1 (800) 851-8900. It is Hamilton beach’s US customer service number, see what they say.

  14. We’ve had our HBFlexbrew since early 2020 and it’s always worked perfectly. However, I set it up to make a full 12 Cup carafe (instead of the single cup we usually make)…when I turned it on, it sounded like it was brewing but only filled the carafe to about 2 cups! Lo and behold, the rest of the water was leaking out of the bottom of the maker and what a terrible mess! So, I cleaned everything up and tried again…same end result…except this time I did it over the sink to see where the water was actually coming from…yep, from the BOTTOM of the maker! What can I do to fix this? or is it time to buy a new one?

  15. Had mine a couple months and water from the back of the keyring is found to the reservoir behind coffee maker. Wish I had read about this before I bought it. I never have had problems with a coffeemaker til they are closer to 10 yrs old. Not buying anymore single serve cuff makers again. I usually trust Hamilton beach. No more! Pulling my 10 yr old pot out of the box. Trying to save space on counter with keurig and coffee pot in one appliance. My mistake. Trust no one has been my mantra. No more Hamilton beach in my house.

  16. Coffee maker was working fine with dispensing coffee into the coffee pot; however, the holder for the filter is now just filling up with water and coffee isn’t being dispersed into the coffee pot. What may be causing this issue and how can I get coffee to disperse from the filter into the pot?


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