What Type of Towel To Wipe Up Sweat On GYM Floor? [Answered]

What type of towel to wipe up sweat on gym floorToday, I will be speaking about a very specific problem and its solution. It is wiping of sweats from gym floors, completely. By saying completely, I meant removing it along with the residue it might left too. What type of towel to wipe up sweat on gym floor? I often get asked this question by gym owners. To answer this in one sentence. Use a hundred percent cotton towel. But do not get relieved by now, your task is not ‘completely’ finished.

Let’s find out what wrong with wiping sweats off from your gym floor just by using a cotton towel.

What Type of Towel To Wipe Up Sweat On GYM Floor?

There are several types of fabrics. There are polyester, linen, spandex, etc. And there is cotton. Fabrics are made by weaving most of the time. Most of the time cotton is a must while weaving fabrics. It gets added by another substance named polyester. Cotton and polyester are blended by different proportions and we get different types of woven fabrics. For example, spandex is a synthetic polymer and it contains at least 85% polyurethane.

By saying a fabric, a hundred percent cotton, it is meant that the fabric is pure cotton or it is a full cotton fabric. The weaver did not use any other material other than cotton to make this fabric.

Cotton fabric to wipe up sweats
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Okay, now the question is why a hundred percent cotton fabric is suggested to wipe up sweats. Actually, not only sweat, every liquid is prone to get absorbed by cotton. If you want to wipe up any spilled liquid completely, cotton is the material to which you should go.

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Our next problem is the towel itself using which you cleaned up the gym floor. If you do not wash the towel properly right away, you have made a breeding heaven for germs. I know it is arduous to wash the towel every time after mopping up sweats. But it is a fact that if you left that dirty towel unwashed, it is unhealthy for every one of the gym. It will generate germs and they eventually will spread all along with the gym, there is no stopping to that.

paper towels to wipe up sweats
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You may use a paper towel to get rid of the washing. Wipe up and throw away. And you know what, they will do a better job than cotton towels absorbing all the sweats. They have better suction capability than cotton towels. The problem is it would be costly. If you can manage the cost then paper towels would be the right choice.

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Another thing is popular nowadays to wipe up sweat from gym floor. It is called a sweat mop. Sweat mops are made for mopping up sweats from floors, or walls, etc. You can find some of them on amazon. Different sizes are available. You can pick from 20 inches or 26 inches mostly. I am leaving the links below if you are interested to purchase one.

In my opinion, they lie in between cotton towels and paper towels in terms of cost. But for cleaning comfort, they are just the best option to clean up sweats. However, one problem still persists. You have to clean the sweat mop frequently. Not like that cotton towel you have to wash every time you clean sweat. But say once a day, you have to clean the sweat mop. There is a solution to this problem too, you will get the answer a bit later.

So, we have wiped up sweats from the gym floor completely. There’s no trace of it anywhere. But only because you cannot see anything there, does not mean that there is nothing left. Sweats are mainly water, but it consists of ammonia, urea, salts and suger too. Ammonia and urea produces germs overtime. That’s why sweat also overtime produces germs and different bacteria. You should get rid of that too. Come on man, it’s a hygiene issue. You must have to do it. No matter what you used, a paper towel, a cotton towel, or a mop, bacteria will be left there. And during this corona pandemic, it is a must that you get rid of the germs. You can find some disinfectant solution in markets nowadays. They are effective. Try to choose an organic or botanical antibacterial disinfectant. They are eco friendly and good for health.

Remember I left a problem unsolved before, how to get rid of washing sweat mops frequently? That problem is solved if you use disinfectants. They kill the germs from the mop too along with the floor. It is true for cotton towels too. But towels are too absorbent, it might get over soaked with the disinfectant. And you cannot use the towel for other tasks before getting rid of the disinfectant. I personally use a botanical disinfectant. You may check that. I am leaving the link below.

If you do not want to use any kind of disinfectants, must use hot water. Soak the towel or gym mop in hot water and wipe up. After cleaning it completely, left to air dry before using that place again. Hot water reduces germs.

So that would be all. One last word of advice, never use your personal gym towel to clean the gym floor or any other gym equipment. Other people use them, those can be dirty with debris you cannot see. Keep your gym towel for your personal usage only. Many do not like to keep the place dirty after use. You might be one of them, but for your health issue, you should avoid that.

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