Shark Steam Mop Troubleshooting: Everything You Need to Know

If you have chosen Shark Steam Mop as your everyday cleaning buddy, you have surely made a perfect decision. When it comes to a gadget that does cleaning with ease and comfort, Shark Steam Mop always comes at the very top of all.

However, despite having all the advantages, it is still not free from flaws.

One day, you may wake up and discover that your Shark Steam Mop is acting a bit strange. And that can make you feel stressed, how to fix this now!

There can be a variety of reasons why your steam mop can show problems. Accumulation of dust and dirt, lack of heat, and blown-up fuse are a few of them.

But no worries. These can be fixed pretty easily by some simple troubleshooting options.

In this article, I have discussed almost everything you need to know about Shark Steam Mop Troubleshooting. If you are stuck with a problem with your equipment, then hopefully you will know exactly what to do. Just stay tuned till the end!

So, let’s not waste any more time, and jump right in!

Shark Steam Mop Troubleshooting For Common Problems

Shark Steam Mop Troubleshooting

There are some basic problems that most people face when they use their shark steam mop. Although there might be some alterations, most of these problems can be solved very easily at home.

So if you also need a solution to your problem, then don’t worry. Here, you’ll get to know the probable cause of your problems with their solutions, so you won’t have to face them again!

Let’s go then!

Shark Steam Mop Not Steaming

This can happen if there isn’t enough water in the water tank. Without water, steam won’t come out from the steam mop.

The problem can also occur if the nozzle is clogged with minerals.


To solve this, you will have to make sure that there’s enough water in the tank. If there isn’t, then you have to add more water.

Ideally, you should use distilled water in the tank, so that minerals don’t get trapped inside.

But if distilled water isn’t available, you can use tap water.

Just remove the water tank cap by turning it in a clockwise direction. Then add some water, but don’t overfill. Leave some space and put the cap back on. This should solve the problem.

And if the problem still persists, then you have to decalcify your steam mop. I have mentioned the entire process in this article, so be sure to stay till the end and check it out!

Shark Steam Mop Won’t Turn on

Shark Steam Mop Won’t Turn on

The main reason for this problem is when the fuse gets blown or burnt. If the fuse is blown, the steam mop won’t get any power supply, and so won’t be able to turn on.

Also, if the steam mop isn’t properly plugged in, it won’t receive any power.


First and foremost, check if the steam mop is securely plugged in or not. If it is, then probably there’s something wrong with the wall socket.

In that case, try plugging it into another socket, and check if it’s working or not.

You’ll also have to check your fuse or breaker. If the fuse is burnt, then this is the reason why your steam mop isn’t turning on. In this case, then there’s no option but to replace it.

Flashing Blue Light Remains On

Flashing Blue Light Remains On

This happens when you fail to choose the steam setting. This is more of a technical problem, but still, you can try some simple things to make this right.


You’ll need to unplug your steam mop, and then plug it in another wall socket. This step often resets the standby mode.

Another thing that you can do is to add water to the tank, and then press the ON or standby button. This should fix your problem.

And if you still can’t solve it, then you’ll need to ask for professional help.

Shark Steam Mop Not Moving Smoothly

Shark Steam Mop Not Moving Smoothly

It usually happens when the microfibre pad attached to the steam mop is dirty or wet. Sometimes though, the pad isn’t even attached properly. And that makes the steam mop extremely hard to push forward.


The solution is very straightforward. If the microfibre pad is loosely attached, then you’ll have to attach it properly.

And if the pad is very dirty, then see if it’s possible to make it clean again.

If you want to wash it by hand, then prepare a mixture of hot water and liquid detergent. You can also use baking soda as a substitute for liquid detergent.

Soak it in the mixture, and then rinse it with clean water.

And if you want to use the machine, then the temperature of the hot water should be not less than 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Wash it for 25 minutes, and make sure not to use any bleach or fabric softener.

But if it still doesn’t work, then probably your microfibre pad is too dirty. In that case, you’ll have to replace it with a new one.

And that should make your steam mop run smoothly again.

How To Clean Shark Steam Mop In The Correct Way?

How To Clean Shark Steam Mop In The Correct Way

Like every other electronic appliance, Shark Steam Mop also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. As you have already seen, dirt and dust can hamper the overall performance of the steam mop.

But the good news is, it’s not hard to do at all! You just need to follow a few steps, give it some time and that’s about it!

Here’s how to clean Shark Steam Mop in the right manner:

Firstly, you have to make sure to unplug the steam mop. Otherwise, the cleaning process may become dangerous if water comes in contact with it while cleaning.

And if you have used the steam mop before the cleaning process, then allow it to cool down completely. This should take around 15 minutes.

Next, you have to check the water tank. If it has water left in it, then you’ll need to make it empty. Otherwise, it could damage the gadget.

Also, don’t leave water in the tank for too long in any case. Best is to empty out the water tank and change the water each time you use your steam mop.

Mold and bacteria can develop inside the tank if there’s water in it, which can also make the steam mop smelly.

Then, you’ll have to clean the inside of the water tank. If the tank is not so dirty, then you can just wipe it with a wet cloth and then clean it accordingly.

And if you see mold or scaling in there, then you have to use vinegar to clean. White vinegar is also fine for this purpose.

Make a mixture of water and vinegar. The ratio should be 2:1.

Then clean the entire tank with this solution, and let it dry. The water tank should be clean as new now.

You can clean the nozzles in the same manner too.

After that, you have to check if the microfiber pad is clean or not. If it’s not, then wash it to make it clean again. Or else, you may need to change it for better performance.

And lastly, with a dry cloth, wipe all over the steam mop externally.

And that’s it! Your Shark Steam Mop is now clean as new!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Shark Steam Mop on Hardwood Floors?

Ans: Yes, you can use your steam mop on hardwood floors, but keep in mind that the floor needs to be sealed.

Also, if you are using your steam mop on hardwood floors, then you have to make sure that your microfibre pad is highly absorbent. This will help to dry the floor quickly.

Can I Use Shark Steam Mop on Laminate Floors?

Ans: Yes, you can use it on laminate floors. Choose the setting that is the driest of all, so that there’s the least amount of water exposure on the floors.

Also, try to work in small sections, rather than working with the whole floor at once.

Why Does My Floor Become Sticky After Using Shark Steam Mop?

Ans: This can happen if you use too much soap or detergent in your steam mop. Soap can make your floor feel sticky.

To avoid this, you can reduce the amount of soap, or just use water to clean the floor.

Final Thoughts

Most of the problems you can encounter while using your steam mop are usually very easily fixable. You just need to know the actual cause and treat that accordingly.

So, I hope that you’ve found the solution to your problem in this Shark Steam Mop Troubleshooting guide. But if you still can’t solve the problem, then probably there’s nothing left to do anymore.

In that case, you can ask for professional help as a last option. And if it’s still not working, then probably it’s the end of the lifespan of your steam mop.

But at least, now you know more about Shark Steam Mop Troubleshooting. So be aware and careful, and solve any problem as soon as you notice.

Good luck and see you next time!

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