Paul Mitchell Color Chart: Unveil Vibrant Shades!

Delving into the world of hair coloring can be a mix of art and science, especially when it comes to achieving that perfect shade. Among professionals, the Paul Mitchell Color System is renowned for its precision and premium results. It’s a comprehensive palette that enables stylists to unlock a world of colors tailored to individual preferences and styles. With its intricate numbering system, the Paul Mitchell Color Chart serves as a guide to selecting the right hue and tone, ensuring consistent and desirable outcomes each time.

Explanation Of The Color Numbering System

The numbering system may appear like a cryptic code at first glance, but it’s actually the key to unlocking the color potential of Paul Mitchell’s range. Each number and letter corresponds to specific characteristics of the color:

  • The first number indicates the level of depth, ranging from 1 (black) to 10 (lightest blonde).
  • The letter/s after the number reveal the base tone of the color, such as N for neutral, A for ash, or G for gold.
  • Additional letters can indicate the underlying secondary tones for more nuanced customization.

This structured approach allows stylists to formulate colors with extreme accuracy, creating consistent shades every time.

Benefits Of Using Paul Mitchell Color Chart

When it comes to the benefits of using the Paul Mitchell Color Chart, there are several compelling reasons whys stylists and colorists swear by it:

  • Comprehensive Color Selection: With an expansive array of colors, the possibilities are virtually endless, allowing for full customization according to client desires.
  • Precision and Consistency: The detailed numbering system ensures that stylists can replicate colors with precision, providing clients with consistent results.
  • Improved Client Trust: By using a reliable system, stylists enhance their credibility, which in turn builds trust with their clients.
  • Education and Mastery: The system encourages stylists to deepen their understanding of color theory, contributing to their professional growth.
  • Quality Results: Finally, the high standards of Paul Mitchell products guarantee vibrant, long-lasting colors that clients love.

Exploring The Range Of Vibrant Shades

Unlock a world of color with the Paul Mitchell Color Chart, offering a spectrum of shades to suit every personality and style. Each hue is engineered for excellence, promising rich, long-lasting, and vibrant results that professionals trust. Discover the perfect blonde to enhance your glow, the deepest brunette to turn heads, the fieriest red to make a statement, or the trendiest fashion shades to showcase your individuality.

Let’s delve into the range that makes Paul Mitchell a colorist’s treasure trove.

Blonde Shades

Blonde hair color comes with a diverse palette, from the palest platinum to dark honey tones. Paul Mitchell’s offerings are no exception, providing:

  • Platinum Blonde: For those seeking a striking, icy-cool finish.
  • Beige Blonde: A warm, natural-looking hue that exudes sophistication.
  • Golden Blonde: Perfect for adding a sun-kissed luster to your locks.
  • Honey Blonde: Ideal for a rich, warm glow that radiates health and vitality.

Brunette Shades

The brunette range in Paul Mitchell’s Color Chart is just as exciting. It covers:

  1. Espresso: An intense, deep brown that oozes elegance and depth.
  2. Mocha: A medium brown with hints of gold, perfect for a soft, dimensional look.
  3. Chestnut: A classic, versatile brown with reddish undertones.
  4. Caramel: A light brown with warm, toasty notes for a delectable finish.

Red Shades

For those looking to ignite their tresses with a burst of energy, Paul Mitchell’s red shades offer:

Shade Description
Crimson A bold, true red that packs a punch, demanding attention.
Burgundy A deep, sophisticated red with a hint of purple that’s perfect for a change of pace.
Copper A vibrant, metallic red with golden undertones that shines brilliantly in any light.
Strawberry Blonde A delicate, light red that works beautifully for softening your features.

Fashion Shades

Step out of the ordinary with Paul Mitchell’s collection of fashion shades. These hues are for those daring to be different:

  • Pastels: Soft and whimsical, these offer a subtle hint of color.
  • Neons: Turn up the brightness with these electric, high-impact shades.
  • Muted Metallics: For an edgy, modern twist with a touch of luxury.
  • Vivid Purples: Deep and mysterious or bright and bold, these purples will surely make a statement.

Tips For Choosing The Right Shade

Paul Mitchell Color Chart

Embarking on your hair color journey with Paul Mitchell’s extensive color chart offers an exciting spectrum of shades. Selecting a hue that not only complements your style but also looks natural and vibrant requires understanding the nuances of color. With the following tips, you can confidently select the perfect shade that resonates with your personality and lifestyle.

Consideration For Skin Tone And Eye Color

Finding a flattering hair color starts with evaluating your skin tone and eye color. The right shade can enhance your natural features and give you a radiant look. Here are some pointers:

  • Cool Skin Tones: Opt for colors with ashy undertones, such as cool blondes, and rich brunette shades like espresso. Avoid gold or red tones that might clash with your skin.
  • Warm Skin Tones: Embrace shades with warm undertones like golden blonde, coppery red, or warm brown. They can complement the golden hues in your skin.
  • Neutral Skin Tones: You have the versatility to rock both warm and cool tones. Experiment to see which end of the spectrum you prefer.
  • For eye color, select a shade that highlights the flecks in your irises. Golden tones can bring out the warmth in brown eyes, while cool tones might accentuate blue or green eyes.

Maintenance Requirements For Different Shades

The shade you choose will also determine the level of maintenance required. Think about your willingness to commit time and resources to upkeep. Here’s a breakdown:

Shade Maintenance Level
Lighter Shades High: Requires frequent root touch-ups and toning treatments to avoid brassiness.
Red Tones Medium to High: Tends to fade quickly; may need regular glossing treatments for vibrancy.
Dark Shades Low: Grows out more subtly and requires less frequent touch-ups.

For those leading hectic lifestyles, consider low maintenance shades like natural brunettes or darker tones that forgive regrowth. Adventurous individuals with time for salon visits might venture into the realm of platinum blondes or vivacious reds.

Application Techniques For Vibrant Results

Unlocking the full potential of the Paul Mitchell Color Chart demands more than just selecting the right shade. Application techniques play a pivotal role in ensuring your hair color is vivid, even, and head-turning. Let’s dive into some advanced application methods that make the magic happen.

Balayage And Ombre Techniques

The artistry of balayage and ombre brings a sun-kissed allure or a dramatic gradient to your hair, thanks to skilled hand-painting and careful blending.

  • Balayage: Apply color with a freehand technique for a natural-looking effect that mimics where the sun naturally lightens the hair.
  • Ombre: Transition from darker roots to lighter ends with a seamless gradient that showcases depth and dimension.

Utilize fine brushes to feather the color lightly at the roots and increase saturation towards the ends. This ensures a gradual, flawless blend.

Tips For Achieving Even Coverage And Vibrant Results

Here are some pro tips for achieving that sought-after saturation and coverage:

  • Sectioning: Divide the hair into small, manageable sections to ensure thorough application and prevent missing spots.
  • Saturation: Use enough dye to fully coat the hair strands for even coverage. Skimping on product can lead to patchy results.
  • Timing: Adhere to the recommended processing time. Over or under-processing can affect the vibrancy and longevity of the color.
  • Tools: Employ a variety of brushes and applicators to address different hair textures and lengths.

By meticulously addressing each strand and considering the hair’s natural undertones, you create a radiant color that truly stands out. Remember to follow up with color-safe shampoos and conditioners to maintain the vibrancy of your Paul Mitchell color!

Enhancing Results With Paul Mitchell Color Care

Freshly colored hair can make anyone feel confident and vibrant. But what’s the secret to extending the life of that perfect shade? The answer lies in the reliable realm of Paul Mitchell Color Care. To achieve enduring luminosity and color longevity, understanding how to maintain your hair post-color service is essential. Let’s dive into why using color-safe products should be non-negotiable in your hair care routine and explore some of the finest Paul Mitchell products curated for maintaining those gorgeous hues.

The Importance Of Using Color-safe Products

Caring for color-treated hair goes beyond the salon chair. Every wash, condition, and style plays a critical role in how your hair holds onto its color. Color-safe products are specifically formulated to address the unique requirements of dyed locks, focusing on minimizing color fade and maintaining the hair’s integrity, health, and shine.

A pivotal element of these products is their gentle cleansing agents that cleanse without stripping hair of its color. They often contain UV protection to shield the hair from the sun’s color-fading rays, and antioxidants to prevent damage. Keeping these factors in mind is crucial for anyone wishing to protect their investment and enjoy their color for longer periods.

Recommended Paul Mitchell Products For Maintaining Vibrant Shades

Selecting the right products is vital for sustaining that just-left-the-salon look. Paul Mitchell offers a spectrum of options designed to care for and protect color-treated hair.

  • Color Protect® Shampoo: This shampoo gently cleanses while boosting shine and preventing color from fading.
  • Color Protect® Conditioner: It detangles and smoothes hair, offering UVA and UVB protection to prolong the life of your dye.
  • Ultimate Color Repair® Mask: An intensive treatment that hydrates and protects against damage, preserving hue vibrancy.

Below is a table including some of the most sought-after Paul Mitchell products tailored for color maintenance.

Product Type Benefits Usage
Color Protect® Shampoo Gently cleanses, adds shine, prevents fading Use with each hair wash
Color Protect® Conditioner Detangles, smoothens, UV protection Use following the shampoo
Ultimate Color Repair® Mask Hydrates, protects from damage, color vibrancy Use 1-2 times weekly

Integrating these products into your hair care routine will help to significantly extend the life of your color treatment, ensuring your hair stays as luminous as the day it was dyed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between 6n And 7n Hair Color?

The difference between 6N and 7N hair color lies in the shade level; 6N is a darker (“medium”) natural shade, while 7N is one level lighter, often described as “dark blonde.”

What Is The Mixing Ratio For Paul Mitchell The Color?

The mixing ratio for Paul Mitchell the color is 1:1 with Paul Mitchell Cream Developer.

What Is The Rarest Hair Color?

The rarest hair color is natural red, primarily found in 1-2% of the global population. This scarcity is due to the recessive MC1R gene mutation.

What Is The Difference Between 4n And 4nn?

4N represents 99. 99% pure metal, while 4NN denotes a higher purity level of 99. 99% with tighter impurity controls, often used in specialized electronics.

What Is The Paul Mitchell Color Chart?

The Paul Mitchell Color Chart is a comprehensive guide that stylists use to select precise hair dye shades for clients, showcasing a range of colors offered by the Paul Mitchell brand.


Navigating the vibrant spectrum of Paul Mitchell’s color offerings has never been easier. Whether you’re a professional stylist or a color enthusiast, this guide empowers your hair dye decisions. For that perfect shade, the Paul Mitchell Color Chart is your go-to resource.

Embrace your creativity, and let your hair make a statement!

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