Mastering Norcold RV Refrigerator Troubleshooting: Top Power Tips

If you are experiencing issues with your norcold rv refrigerator, troubleshooting is important. Here’s what you need to know: rv refrigerators are not like the ones you find in houses.

They are smaller and work on propane gas, electricity, or a combination of the two. If your norcold rv refrigerator is not working as expected, there could be many reasons, including a failing cooling unit, faulty thermistor, or problems with the electrical or propane connections.

In this article, we will explore common norcold rv refrigerator troubleshooting tips that you can try on your own to troubleshoot the issue before calling a professional. Let’s get started.

Mastering Norcold RV Refrigerator Troubleshooting: Top Power Tips


Common Norcold Rv Refrigerator Problems

Rv life is an adventure that every travel enthusiast craves! The beautiful open highways and carefree lifestyle that rving offers is unbeatable. But all adventures come with challenges, and rving is no exception. One of the most common issues rvers face is with their refrigerator.

Norcold rv refrigerators, in particular, come with their own set of problems. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the most common norcold rv refrigerator problems and what you can do to troubleshoot them.

Inadequate Cooling

  • One common issue with norcold rv refrigerators is inadequate cooling, leading to food going bad and drinks losing their chill. Here are a few reasons why your refrigerator might not be cooling enough:
  • Blocked vents: The first and foremost thing to check is if there are any obstructions blocking the vents.
  • Power supply: Ensure the rv’s power supply is strong enough to handle the refrigerator.
  • Dirty coils: Dirty coils can affect cooling, so it’s necessary to clean them regularly.
  • Faulty thermostat: Sometimes, a faulty thermostat can also be a cause for insufficient cooling.
  • If your refrigerator is still not cooling correctly, consider contacting an rv technician for further assistance.

Fridge Won’T Turn On

  • Another common issue with norcold rv refrigerators is that they don’t turn on. Here are some reasons why:
  • Power supply: Check the rv’s power supply, battery connections, and fuses.
  • Thermostat: If there’s no power to the fridge, check if the thermostat is working correctly.
  • Circuit board: A defective circuit board can prevent the fridge from powering on.
  • If none of these steps resolve the issue, consider seeking help from a professional.

Fridge Runs Constantly

  • A running fridge might seem like a good thing at first, but it could indicate a problem with the norcold rv refrigerator. Common reasons for a refrigerator running constantly are:
  • Dirty coils: Dirty coils can make the fridge work harder than necessary, leading to continuous operation.
  • Leaks: A leak somewhere in the refrigerator can cause it to constantly run in an attempt to maintain its temperature.
  • Control board: A malfunctioning control board can also be the culprit, leading to continuous operation.
  • Regular cleaning of the coils can fix the problem in most cases. However, if the issue persists, consider seeking help from an rv technician.

At the end of the day, owning an rv is no easy feat, and norcold rv refrigerator problems only add to the challenge. But with the right knowledge and precautions, you can enjoy a well-functioning, cold refrigerator on your next getaway!

Top Power Tips For Troubleshooting Norcold Rv Refrigerators

If you’re having issues with your norcold rv refrigerator, there are a few power troubleshooting tips you can try before calling a professional. Here are the top power tips for troubleshooting norcold rv refrigerators:

Check The Power Source

  • Ensure that your rv is getting an adequate power supply.
  • Check if the power cord is tightly plugged in.
  • Verify that the breaker is turned on.

Verify The Voltage

  • Ensure that the voltage reading is correct by utilizing a voltmeter.
  • Your norcold fridge should be between 108-132 volts ac if everything is working properly.

Inspect The Fuses

  • Check for any blown fuses in your rv.
  • The blown fuse might be the reason for the fridge’s power outage.
  • Replace any damaged fuses with the same type of fuse.

Look For Blocked Air Vents

  • Look for any obstructions near the refrigerator’s air vents.
  • Blocked air vents can prevent air from circulating throughout the fridge.
  • Clean or move any objects blocking these vents.

Clean The Condenser Coils

  • Dust and debris can accumulate on the condenser coils over time.
  • Clean the condenser coils regularly to help improve the fridge’s cooling efficiency.
  • Use a soft brush to carefully remove any dirt buildup.

Remember to always unplug the fridge before attempting any of these steps. By following these steps, you can troubleshoot some of the most common power-related issues with your norcold rv refrigerator.

Step 1: Identifying The Problem

Norcold rv refrigerators are a popular choice among rv enthusiasts. However, like any other appliance, it’s bound to experience some issues eventually. Troubleshooting your norcold rv refrigerator can save you a lot of money in repairs. In this blog post, we will dive into how to identify and troubleshoot a norcold rv refrigerator problem.

Let’s begin with the first step;

The first and the most crucial step in troubleshooting your norcold rv refrigerator is identifying the problem. Here are some ways to do that:

Check For Error Codes

  • Check for error codes on the electronic control panel of your norcold rv refrigerator.
  • Troubleshoot the error code using the norcold service manual.
  • Common error codes include ac/dc errors, temperature sensor errors, gas lockout errors, and much more.

Look For Obvious Symptoms

  • Check the power source to the rv refrigerator. Ensure it is properly plugged in, and the circuit breaker isn’t tripped.
  • Inspect the interior for any leaks or spills.
  • Check if the interior lights are working.
  • Inspect the refrigerator’s door seals for any damages or cracks.

Troubleshoot Based On Symptoms

  • If the refrigerator is not cooling, check the condenser fan and ensure it’s running.
  • If the refrigerator is freezing everything, increase the temperature setting on the electronic control panel.
  • If the refrigerator is making strange noises, check if it’s level on the ground. If not, adjust it accordingly.
  • If the refrigerator isn’t working on propane, check the gas supply and switch to electric mode.
  • If you’re still unsure about what’s causing the problem, call a professional to inspect, diagnose, and repair the issue.

Identifying the problem is the first and most crucial step in troubleshooting your norcold rv refrigerator. Following the above steps can help save you money in repairs and ensure your rv refrigerator is running smoothly.

Step 2: Determining The Cause

Analyzing Error Codes

In step 2 of norcold rv refrigerator troubleshooting, you need to determine the cause of the issue. Analyzing error codes is one of the most reliable ways to pinpoint the problem. Here’s how to do it:

  • Check the display panel for error codes. Write down any codes that you see, as they’ll help you diagnose the problem.
  • Refer to your rv refrigerator’s manual to locate a list of error codes and their meanings.
  • Based on the error code you see, troubleshoot the issue using the manual’s suggestions.
  • If there are no error codes, proceed to the next step.

Inspecting Parts And Components

When your rv refrigerator isn’t working properly, it’s essential to inspect its parts and components thoroughly. Here are the key steps to follow:

  • Check the refrigerator’s power source to ensure that it’s getting enough electricity. Make sure it’s plugged into a working outlet and that the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped.
  • Inspect the refrigerator’s interior and check for any visible signs of damage, such as cracks or broken pieces.
  • Check the seals around the refrigerator’s doors to ensure that they’re tight and free from damage.
  • Inspect all of the refrigerator’s components, including the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. Look for any visible signs of wear and tear, leaks, or other defects.
  • If there are any damaged or malfunctioning parts, replace them as soon as possible.

Remember, when it comes to rv refrigerator troubleshooting, it’s important to take your time and work through the steps methodically. With the right approach, you can diagnose and fix most issues on your own.

Step 3: Fixing The Issue

Norcold rv refrigerators are a reliable choice for campers who want to keep their food and beverages icy cold on the go. However, sometimes, these refrigerators may experience issues that require immediate attention. In this blog post on norcold rv refrigerator troubleshooting, we will delve into step 3: fixing the issue.

We will cover some common problems and discuss how to fix them.

Replacing Failed Components

One of the most common issues with norcold rv refrigerators is the failure of components such as fans, thermistors, or control boards. If you experience this problem, it is important to replace the failed component as soon as possible. Here is how you can fix this issue:

  • Find out which component has failed by checking the fridge’s error codes.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to remove the failed component.
  • Purchase a new component that matches the fridge’s specifications.
  • Install the new component, following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Repairing Faulty Wiring

Another issue that can cause your norcold rv refrigerator to malfunction is faulty wiring. If you suspect that the wiring is the culprit, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Turn off the fridge and disconnect it from the power source.
  • Check all wiring connections to ensure they are secure and not damaged.
  • If you find any damaged wiring, replace it with the same type of wire recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Reconnect the fridge to the power source and turn it on.

Following Manufacturer Guidelines

It is essential to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when repairing anything on your norcold rv refrigerator. The guidelines are intended to keep you safe and ensure that your fridge continues to function as intended. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Some repairs may require professional assistance. If you are not confident fixing the issue yourself, it is best to seek help from a professional.
  • Always disconnect the fridge from the power source and turn it off before attempting any repairs.
  • Use only genuine norcold replacement parts.
  • Follow all safety protocols outlined by the manufacturer to avoid accidents.

Fixing issues with your norcold rv refrigerator is not rocket science. With these simple steps, you can quickly and easily troubleshoot your fridge, replace any failed components, repair faulty wiring, and ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid any mishaps.

Frequently Asked Questions For Norcold Rv Refrigerator Troubleshooting

What Are The Common Causes Of Norcold Rv Refrigerator Problems?

Common causes include overheating, improper maintenance, electrical issues, and refrigerant leaks.

How Can I Troubleshoot A Norcold Rv Refrigerator That Is Not Cooling?

Check for blockages in the vents or coils, ensure the fridge is level, and make sure the thermostat is set correctly.

Why Is My Norcold Rv Refrigerator Making Strange Noises?

It could be due to a faulty fan or compressor, debris in the coils, or an unlevel fridge.

What Should I Do If My Norcold Rv Refrigerator Has A Leak?

Turn off the fridge and locate the source of the leak. It may require repairs or replacement of damaged parts.

Can I Fix Norcold Rv Refrigerator Problems Myself Or Do I Need A Professional?

Some minor issues can be fixed by the owner, but for major repairs or parts replacement, it is best to seek professional help.


After going through this comprehensive guide on norcold rv refrigerator troubleshooting, we can see how important it is to keep the refrigerator in top-notch condition. Regular cleaning and maintenance can go a long way in preventing many of the common issues we’ve discussed.

In case of any malfunction, however, it’s essential to take immediate action and apply the solutions provided in this post. Be sure to check the specific model’s manual for further instructions and seek professional help when necessary. With the troubleshooting tips we’ve covered, you can confidently hit the road and enjoy your travels without worrying about your refrigerator’s functionality.

Keep these tips in mind, and you can extend your refrigerators’ lifespan and enjoy fresh and cold food in your rv for many trips to come.

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