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About Running

It is no secret that running can aid weight loss goals, but it can also improve your mood while benefiting nearly the whole body. The results are undeniable, no matter if running is your favorite time of day or it’s a challenge you push yourself through. The next time you consider skipping your run for the day, consider these six reasons to hit the pavement.

Everything You Need to Know About Running

1. Running Improves Health

Running is a wonderful way to improve your health overall. Research has proven to us that engaging in running not only raises levels of good cholesterol but it also increases the function and use of our lungs. What’s more, running can raise the immune system while lowering the risk of developing blood clots. So, get out your trainers and orthotics and get out there.

2. Running Prevents Disease

Women who run can enjoy a lowered risk of developing breast cancer. It may also lower the chance of suffering from a stroke. It also reduces the risk of having a heart attack, and many physicians recommend engaging in running to those who are in the early stages of diabetes, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure. Running strengthens the heart and improves the elasticity of arteries, making it a great exercise for resisting heart conditions.

Everything You Need to Know About Running

3. Running Contributes to Weight Loss

Whether you are hoping to lose weight or maintain your current weight, running is an ideal exercise. It is a leading way to burn any extra calories, and following cross-country skiing, it is the best way to shed calories per minute.

4. Running Improves Confidence

While running certainly benefits a person’s body, it also does great things to the mind. Those who run can see a vast improvement in their confidence as well as self-esteem. Setting and achieving goals when running can aid you in feeling empowered, which leads to a greater sense of happiness.

5. Running Relieves Stress

Stress can lead to many health issues, as well as mood problems. It can also chip away at your quality of sleep and appetite. When you run, your body is forced to exert a great amount of energy and hormones, which in turn aids with stress and diminishes the chance of developing tension headaches.

6. Running is an Antidepressant

When you are feeling down, running can be the last thing that you think you can do. However, after just a few minutes of running your brain will begin to release hormones that improve the mood naturally. In fact, running is one of the most beneficial activities when it comes to improving mood function and banishing depression.

In conclusion, running is not only highly beneficial for the body, but it is also wonderful for the mind and spirit. So before you skip that run, keep in mind that even the shortest of runs can give you more energy, better focus, and the ability to enjoy a better quality of life.

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