Eve Online VS Elite Dangerous: Which One Is Best in 2022?

Eve Online VS Elite Dangerous is a common comparison among space gamers. Arguments often arise about which game is better. These two games are different in many aspects. Still, all the space gamers like to compare these two. Eve Online is a space MMORPG where players can play by choosing their paths in space and a game that focuses more on community playing. On the other hand, Elite Dangerous is an MMO that brings open space adventure to the modern generation with an incredible recreation of our Milkyway galaxy.

However, Fans of space MMO have different tastes, so they have different opinions and likings about these two games.

Eve Online VS Elite Dangerous

Eve Online VS Elite Dangerous

To make this comparison more straightforward, you can say that both the MMOs are unique in their places, but it is competitive in many aspects. The main difference is that Eve online is only a community-based MMO. On the contrary, Elite Dangerous has 3 game modes: Solo play, Private group, and open play. That means you can play alone too, but in Eve online, there is no scope for self-playing. Another significant difference is that eve online is a bit slow game while Elite dangerous is more like a speedy space MMO.

Target Player

Eve Online only focuses on community-based games. Its target players are those who prefer playing with a vast community rather than playing in private groups. You cannot control whom you play within this game. It is more like a game set by the makers.

 On the other hand, Elite dangerous has three gameplay modes. They are Solo play, Private group, and Open play. You can play solo if you want to master controlling the spaceships. But Eve Online doesn’t have this advantage. If you want to master playing, you have to do it between an open play.

Game State

Game State-Eve Online

The Eve Online Universe is New Eden.Over 7000 stars 21 thousand years in the future. The universe is pretty big, and it is also interstellar. You will also find aliens frequently. This game has a lot of old back story that makes it more real. If you think 7000 stars is a lot, hold on because you are about to fall off a cliff after hearing this!! Elite Dangerous simulates to scale of the Milky Way galaxy and 400 billion stars!! This game’s story takes place in the 34th century. 

Eve online’s astronomy and physics are not scientifically accurate. On the other hand, Elite Dangerous tries to get its in-universe astronomy as precise as possible. Some people even play this game with their kids to teach them about astronomy!


Even though eve online was first released in 2003, it has a good platform as makers have upgraded this game according to the modern MMOs. But Elite Dangerous has more attractive and practical graphic consolation compared to eve online as the makers released this game recently. Still, as people have different tastes, some like Eve online more just because of the old platform.

Some people jokingly say Eve online’s graphics seem more like a spreadsheet. But Elite dangerous has more clear graphics. Also, you can sit inside the cockpit and control the spaceship in Elite hazardous. But eve online doesn’t have that scope at all. In Eve Online, you will feel like you are ordering the ship instead of controlling it.


Micro-Transactions-Elite Dangerous

Micro-Transaction is a process in online gaming that includes purchasing more characters or unlocking new levels. It means you can get specific gaming currencies by using Dollars or Pounds. Every game has its currency by which you can buy those things. And to gain those currencies, you have to buy them with real money.

In Eve online, you can buy new things through micro-transactions and trade them. Every space billionaire has earned their level by tradings goods in this game. Through currencies, you can unlock new levels or new galaxies in this game. A common question raised is that is eve online free. Yes, it is a free game. Anyone can play this game.

Elite Dangerous has its micro-transaction process and trading system too. New players get a sidewinder MKI ship and a small amount of trading credit. They can increase their recognition by buying it online. Also, they can gain credits by leveling up. By using credits, you can unlock characters too. You can take your likable character among trader, bounty hunter, explorer, scavenger, and many other options.


Different games have different longevity. It means the lifespan duration of each game is different. Hyper Casual games’ longevity varies from 1 to 5 weeks. But the longevity of mid-core games is more prolonged,12 months.

Eve-online first came out in 2003, and since then, it has had many upgrades. Even the head of this game’s studio stated that this game would never die. After seeing this duration, some gamers ironically say that their grandchildren will get to play this game too, with new upgrades.

The makers of Elite Dangerous have a 10 years map of lifespan for this game. They plan on finishing the upgrade in 2024, as no game lasts forever. As per this 10 years road span, the narrative of this game began in 3300 AD and is now 3308 AD after 8 years.


Elite Dangerous has the feeling of actually flying the ship. You must master controlling the spaceship so that you will feel like a real-life pilot. On the Contrary, Eve Online feels more like simply telling a ship to do things while you watch from a distance.

Space Graphic

In Eve Online’s graphic, there are many artificial constructs. That’s why many people don’t like this graphic. They prefer Elite Dangerous as the space of this game is empty and big. Many players said they feel like they are sinking in the universe while playing Elite Dangerous.


Is Elite Dangerous Cross-platform?

No, agonizingly, Elite Dangerous is not cross-platform. It cannot cross-platform between PS4 and PC. Neither can it cross-platform between Xbox One and PC. To be more precise, if you are playing from a PC, but your friend is playing from PS4 or Xbox One, you cannot play together. So you can only play with friends who have the same gaming console as you have.

How to land on a planet in Elite Dangerous?

In Elite Dangerous, you can land on different planets and moons. Frontier games plan to expand this planetside exploration aspect of the game now. As you can control your ship from inside the cockpit, you will have many control buttons, and by learning their usage, you will be able to land on a planet in Elite Dangerous.

Can you get out of your ship in Elite Dangerous?

At first, when the game came out, it didn’t have the feature where you would be able to go out of your spaceship. All the gamers wanted to explore the planets on foot. Though the makers didn’t plan to add the walking feature, the increasing demand for it made them add this exciting feature. From 2021, the players can come out of their spaceships and explore on foot in the latest upgrades.

How many people play Eve online?

Eve Online has had over 9 million players from its beginning to now. And according to recent data, nearly 1,70,000 people play this game monthly. The company that owns this game has claimed that this game has risen in recent weeks. They claim that the number of people who signed up to play this game in 2022 is double the number in 2021.

How big is Eve Online?

The players of this game have a common complaint about this game is that there are many restrictions. It means they cannot go to many parts of the map to explore. Even with these restrictions, Eve Online has a large game world. The diameter area of each planet’s warp-in point area is 100km. So the total sum area of this game is about 525 million square kilometers. Yes, I know it’s indeed a mass game!

Is Eve Online pay to win?

The answer to this question depends on the player. It depends on how the player defines his “Winning.” If you want to play with limited access and free characters and want to win with limited sources, then this game is free for you. But those who want to win with a record in this game have to pay to unlock the upgraded and powerful characters and spaceships.


Hopefully, you can now clearly see that these two games are different in many ways. Still, it’s fun to compare these two games. Both of these games are amazing and exciting to play. But if you want to play a space game that is more relaxing, then try Elite Dangerous because this game is less intense and feels like there is no pressure. On the other hand. Eve Online is more intense, and you will feel immense pressure. So best of luck in choosing your game according to your taste!

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