Introducing TheBlackUrbanTimes And Writer Tiffani Webb

Introducing TheBlackUrbanTimes And Writer Tiffani WebbI was picked as the 1st “Model of the moment.” Because I encompass many qualities that your average model does not. I have been modeling since age four but always knew that I was going to go on and be an educator. I began my career doing commercials for Froot Loops and Folgers Crystals.

I was signed to a top agency (Elite) when I was 5. Having been in the business so long and really knowing the intricacies of this business made me determined to be more than just your “typical” model. I never wanted to be accused of getting by on my looks.

Present day, I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and have been working with teens for the past ten years within the school and prison system. I am currently still pursuing my acting/hosting career and host a news show on ESPN2 called “The Action.”

I still have some modeling pictures out there but am no longer actively pursuing modeling. I find that I am a role model to many and want to make the business easier to navigate for young, black women who don’t have an understanding of the business and fall into the trap of doing things they don’t want to do for money. Girls, you don’t have to shake your butt in a video to be a model. Know your limits before you step foot into this world. We all make mistakes, but the best lesson is not to make it twice.



Tiffani Webb