Humminbird Ice 35 Reviews

Ice fishing has been a pretty common practice in snowy areas all across our vast globe. It requires you to make an opening in a frozen water body and catch fish using special equipment like a fish hook or spear.

Ice fishing is enjoyed by people of all ages and is a very fun and engaging activity. Anglers struggle with buying perfect ice-fishing equipment. Due to technological advancements, we can now use devices like the Humminbird Ice 35 to find fish that swim right below the thick layers of ice.

Every ice angler’s job is made easy with something so comfortable and convenient to use and consists of the best features to enhance your ice fishing experience.

To give you the best insights about this fish finder, here we are going to share the Humminbird ice 35 review which will cover all features in a detailed manner.

Humminbird Ice 35 Reviews


  • Transducer: 100W RMS and 1800W peak to peak power output
  • Transducer Mount Location: Portable
  • Width: 12.3 inches
  • Length: 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Depth: 200 feet
  • Power Input: 10.8 – 20 VDC
  • Power Draw: 210 mA
Humminbird Ice 35 Review

The Humminbird Ice 35 fish-finder is one the top-notch products in the market. A product is only deemed great when it is efficient and easy to use.

Made for novice and professional fishermen, the Ice 35 lives up to its customers’ needs and delivers good results. You can rely on this little device to be there for you in time of need. With a high-resolution display and a terrific transducer, buying this product seems like a no-brainer.

Unlike traditional fish-finders, this device goes the extra mile for your ease and convenience. However, does it do its job as it claims to?

Read further to know more about the device from America’s favorite company, and whether it is the right choice for you.

The Transducer

A sonar transducer is the main element of any fish-finding equipment. It receives high volt-pulses using the echo sounder installed to locate the fish swimming underwater.

The Humminbird Ice 35 has an excellent transducer to give you terrific and explicit readings. Its 100W RMS and 800 PTP fish finder function at 455/240 kHz. It also comes with 19/9-degree beams. This transducer’s accuracy is why this device is a favorite among many.

All you have to do is make sure that the transducer is fully submerged in the water. This can provide accurate results up to the water depth of 200ft. It comes with an adjustable depth option for your convenience.

You can easily customize the water depth levels as per your wish, ranging from 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 10x. This transducer is very helpful in locating small targets.

Great Display and Resolution

The Humminbird Ice 35 has excellent resolution and rocks an amazing display. The 526 segment 3-color fiber optic display will provide aid for your sonar readings.

Thanks to its TFT display, at a single glance, you will be able to view the conditions underwater, even with harsh, scorching sunlight. Its optic fiber display is solid and well-built.

It gives you a clear-cut display of all the details going with the sun shining brightly due to its overlap depth scale. The screen, therefore, looks lucid. Its triple color fiber optic flasher display 2X dynamic zoom lets you amplify and zoom in the region you have to look at.

It even comes with three color indicators: red, orange, and green for small, medium, and large targets respectively. Hence, go ahead and look at the most important details down there and zoom in or out with this cutting-edge device.

Dual Spectrum CHIRP Sonar and GPS Navigation Combo

CHIRP stands for Compressed High-Intensity Radar Pulse. This device enables you to look at fish with convenience. However, do not categorize this with other ordinary 2D radars.

Humminbird’s Dual Spectrum CHIRP sonar allows you to look at the entire range of the area down there with full controls and navigation. The GPS options make it easy to locate and navigate the correct spot pretty easily.

Along with it, you can also opt for the start and end frequencies of your choice. Thanks to its transducer, which is built with cutting-edge technology to give you the complete fish view, covers a wide range of frequencies henceforth.

Better Viewing Options

The flasher of this device, along with the 2D sonar, is a great combo. A number of viewing options are exclusively designed for the anglers, letting you know the fish’s movements and the underwater conditions better.

This is a legitimate advantage and one of the best features of the Ice Helix range by Humminbird. This will help you to acquire small, medium, and large targets. Since it has great output, it will accurately find fish.

The adjustable gain feature lets your flasher correctly match the fishing methods. It will help you to try out other ways if one doesn’t suit you.

Portability and Weight

Though this device comes power-packed with top-class features, they have made sure to add lightweight elements. You will easily be able to carry this equipment from location to location because it weighs 2.6 pounds, which is quite manageable.

If you are someone who engages in ice fishing tournaments and wants something portable and easy to carry, this product is an ideal one for you. You will also be able to leave this little device on your boat without any worries about its size. With this device, it only takes half an hour or so to assemble it.

User-Friendly Device

Humminbird Ice 35 is very unique as well as a user-friendly device with easy operations. Never used a fish finder before? No problem. Its straightforward LCD screen will allow you to access a vast range of functions and keep you angling with convenience and requirements.

Its sonar zooming provision will let you find even the necessary details with the proper location and area range. Its demo mode is very helpful to get to know your fish finder.

Chase your fish and get it in your hook! You can also get an amazing view of what’s going on in the underwater world from different angles. The triple-color display simplifies the categorization of data found on your screen. This lets you make easy decisions or adjustments.

Battery Life

This little device packs quite a punch. The solid 7 amp battery of this device will last you for a good long duration. You may go ahead with angling for hours together. This device’s battery will have your back.

This powerful device can give an output of around 800 watts. This powerful output gives it a better transducer. The battery indicator on the equipment will notify you about the battery status so that you can plug it in and charge it.

We hope that these criteria helped you gain more knowledge about fish-finders and this versatile fish-finding product, which works well in regions with extreme temperatures as cold as -20°.

Humminbird Ice 35 Reviews

Pros & Cons


  • Humminbird Ice 35 is highly unique as well as a user-friendly device with easy operations. It is one of the best fish finders.
  • Covers a depth range of 200ft underwater. It’s 455/200 kHz dual-beam sonar transducer will help you get accurate readings.
  • Comes with amazing battery life. It also comes with a 7amp battery that can be recharged whenever. No need to worry about running out of battery.
  • Its sonar zooming is great. Its 5” target separation helps you find fish quickly and easily. Its adjustable zoom areas make it easy to look at areas with activity.
  • It presents precise and a variety of angular view options.
  • The triple-color display simplifies the categorization of data. It is also easy to navigate and control.


  • The only drawback is that it is noisy and might be disturbing. It might not be suitable for calm waters.
  • No temperature detector is available in the fish finder. The user will not be able to read temperatures.
  • The manual provided is not very user-friendly. Since there is not a lot of information available on youtube for this particular model, it can be hard to understand in the beginning.

Final Words on Humminbird Ice 35 Reviews

Humminbird is a top-rated and established brand with more than four decades of experience in the fish-finding equipment manufacturing business.

They have gained the trust of many customers and have always catered to them in a sincere manner. As the brand claims, their devices have become America’s favorites.

Humminbird Ice 35 is a dynamic device with a huge range of features. It gives us justifiable reasons to invest in this product. This fish finder’s functionality is amazing.

With very simple operation buttons, you can access all the different features. Even if you have not used a fish finder or are new to ice fishing, this fish finder will help you through the process.

When it comes to performance, no doubts about its versatility and quick action traits, zoom in or out, locate the fish and move ahead if you don’t find them there. All of it can be done with a classic screen, which is designed in a very tough way to help you keep going even under the hot sun.

Buying something like a fish finder is a subjective choice. Every person has his/her own choice and would like to have equipment comfortable for them. This was our attempt to present to you a concise concept of the Humminbird Ice 35, and its great features.

Although we have tried our best in providing you with a detailed review of Humminbird ice 35 and I hope it will help you in taking the right decision about whether to buy it or not.

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