Correction Officer Slacks-off as Inmate Almost Got Her Keys

Working as a correction officer surrounded by criminals and some of the worst human beings isn’t fun. That’s what Nadja Green probably felt as she enjoys her nap with her mouth agape. And her colleague probably thought that this is going to be a hilarious meme.

Just a few inches away is an inmate who is just within an arm’s reach from the keys hanging of Green’s belt. He was showing a peace sign. It’s borderline hilarious and dangerous. Afterward, the picture was blasted across the department, uncontained. Soon enough, it reached the Post from a source.

Correction Officer Slacks-off as Inmate Almost Got Her Keys

Images Source: NY Post

Nadja Green was keeping watch in a post in Rikers Island. She was standing by the infirmary and has been doing so for 4.5 years. But the somewhat funny picture which initially drove criticism from the public has a background story behind it.

Green was transferred on Rikers Island Infirmary to watch female inmates.

Green is a mother of many children and has been working overtime. Michael Skelly, the spokesman for Correction Officer Benevolent Association further added, “Many correction officers are forced to work 70 to 80 hours of mandatory overtime.”

Green, who was also described as “the Precious of Corrections”, did not have the ideal upbringing situation and is now burdened with family responsibilities. For this month alone, she has taken 96 hours of overtime, which could be the cause of her stealing naps in between her work shift.

Michael Skelly believes that circumstances have to be taken into account when considering the appropriate punishment. It was also ‘inappropriate’ to snap that picture of Green. Regardless of the situation, however, Steve Morello, the spokesman of city correction, has officially stated that such behavior is not tolerated.

The North Infirmary Command is a hospital that has a capacity of up to 416 prisoners. It has two buildings and some of the prisoners requires protective custody. HIV and AIDS patients are also separated from the others.

The inmate’s identity that was seen in the picture has not been confirmed, yet. An official statement has been released that he will not be charged with anything as he was not shown or proven to be trying to escape or harm anyone.

The person who took the picture was Claudel Barrau, 47. Barrau was also violating the regulation for bringing a cellphone into an area where inmates circulate. Cellphones are prohibited in the area and so, he was also punished for it.

Both were sent away from supervising inmates and will be placed on modified duties.

Barrau himself has been working in that position for 18 years now and lives in Long Island, while Green lives in Queen. Skelly also further suspected that Barrau was jeopardizing his colleague who was probably sick at the time.

Green is faced with various charges on top of sleeping on the job charge as this also concerns safety, security and performance issues. Barrou has been known to have brought his cell phone and took a picture with it in a prohibited area.

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