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Nowadays the printing of shirts are very normal and nobody is surprised to personalize clothes. The terms silkscreen printing, digital printing or sublimation, among others, are more than assumed thanks to rapid technological advances and that textile and merchandising customization is increasingly valued. Discover below all the advantages and options that T-shirt printing can offer you.

about T-shirt PrintingThere are so many possibilities that exist in the textile market that we could get lost for hours looking at different types of shirts, materials, cuts and clothing or colors. So it is important to consider what we are looking for before launching to request the printing services of T-shirts.

The reason is that knowing what our objective is, we can advise you in a more effective way of obtaining the best result.

About T-shirt Printing

Printing of promotional t-shirts?

Printing of promotional t-shirtsAmong some of the best-known brands we can find Fruit of the Loom, Roly or Gildan within approximately the same price and quality range. This type of t-shirts is widely used in the world of promotional items because they do not require too much extra expense when making a gift to customers and are within the vast majority of budgets.

The promotional T-shirts are one of the best ways today to advertise, investment is minimal. However, if you make a good eye-catching design with your company’s logo, you will get the customers you have given them the shirts to wear on the street, advertising your company for FREE!

What you need are personalized uniforms to give a more professional touch to your staff and increase the potential of your company. Some of the brands we work with have a range of special shirts for companies that need to standardize their employees. B & C or Anvil within its wide range of shirts has different weights and qualities so you can select the most appropriate depending on the activity of your company. You can also find recycled cotton, polyester or conventional cotton shirts.

If your company is engaged in construction you will need a shirt with thicker cotton and resistant to continuous washing. On the other hand, if your company is dedicated to sports, maybe you are interested in polyester shirts that are more breathable… These are just some examples.

I want something different from the usual shirts!

Thanks to the fact that the world of textile printing is booming. There are many suppliers who have decided to make the leap and prepare a large number of ready-to-print garments with a different cut than usual and a little more modern.

I need to maintain the Eco-friendly ideology of my company

Do not worry, Designhill Clothing like some of the brands mentioned above can make it possible.

Choose the eco-shirt that you like the most among all the sustainable materials that these brands can offer us such as organic cotton, Tencel, bamboo, recycled polyester … etc. and plasma your corporate design to give maximum exposure to your brand.

And now… The impression!?

something different from the usual shirtDo not panic, you do not need to be an expert in the world of textile customization to be able to request T-shirt printing. If it is true that today there are many ways to print on a shirt, but we want to explain briefly how they work so you can have a slight idea.

One of the most important and most restrictive data when it comes to printing shirts that you need to know is in the case of full print, or positional sublimation the essential requirement is that the shirts must have a minimum of 80% polyester so that the image is perfectly printed on the shirt, otherwise… no problem!

On the other hand, screen printing is undoubtedly one of the oldest printing techniques that exist and one of the best known. Screen printing allows you to use PANTONE colors so that your corporate image can remain intact at all times. But, it is important to know that it is the only printing technique that allows it. Keep all the elements your corporate company with the Designhill T-shirts!

Digital printing is a relatively new technique that delights people, because with it’s possible to reproduce images with photographic quality and full color and you do not need minimum order because it has no start-up costs, but we can recommend the most appropriate amount for your needs within your budget.

The transfer and vinyl are techniques that are considered low cost and very fast. They are used mostly for promotional t-shirts and also for any event in which your company is going to participate since it can be used on any type of material and one of its advantages is the large area available (DIN A3) to unleash your creativity . Give your brand more visibility with the bright colors that the transfer and vinyl can offer you!

Now you only need to have your design ready so that we can assess it, advising you from our knowledge of the industry and if you have any doubts, our team of professionals will advise you at all times.

You have endless possibilities to stand out from the competition, so make the most of the printing of shirts and make your company unforgettable for the world!

If you have any queries about this post feel free to ask me by comment section or contact page.

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My spouse and I are interested in starting a T-Shirt company, as we want to get our unique ideas for fashion out into the world. We’re thankful that you brought up the fact that due to modern amenities such as the Internet, unique clothing is far more widespread than ever before. I’ll be sure to do some research to find a reliable printing service.

Thank you so much for your compliment. 🙂

Thanks for the advice that knowing what type of shirt you want before doing the printing itself is important. My boyfriend wants to put up a shirt and merchandise printing business that will cater to the students’ budget. I want to help him out, so I’ll contact a supplier and possible business venue so that we can do an ocular and set up a meeting with them.

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